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  1. by   nurseonduty17
    Quote from cioman94
    are you looking for the sample CV format that AHPRA posted in its website? its in AHPRA's website..

    or are you looking for personal sample of each forumers here? ..then you are right, need to ask help from them as you are doing now..

    good luck..
    I need a sample CV in AHPRA format.. hehe.. Thanks. Hope someone will help me here
  2. by   Doza
    AHPRA doesn't have a specific format, but they have specific entries there that need to be included in the one you make. I remember seeing that from their site, although I suggest you check again.

    Wow, this new thread is 10 pages long already. Cioman, thanks for all the info
  3. by   nurseonduty17
    i already have the format of the AHPRA CV.. i would js like to have a reference/sample so i would know if im doing the right thing heheh.. thanks
  4. by   glioblastoma
    @ nurseonduty17

    hi! we almost have the same # of volunteer exp and ielts grade too! ahihi. did you really volunteer 5x/week for 1 year? so that would be 1920 hours (8hours x 5days x 4 weeks x 12months = 1920 hours) if my computation is correct. that's amazing!

    in your statement of service, what "role" is indicated? when i e-mailed AHPRA, 3 people replied. the first one is on leave, the second one said that "role" means if you are RN or EN, but the third one said that "role" means the job description itself. so which is which? (can i also see your SoS? ahihi, it's ok if you don't want to)

    you are so diligent! i only have 9 months volunteer exp but it's still continues so i think it'll reach 1 year come BP. but i'm too busy with facebook to attend everyday ahihi. maybe i'll ask them to "doctor" it since i'm not being paid. ahihi!

    btw, can i ask where did you volunteer? it's uncommon for hospitals to allow more than 3 months of volunteer work. but i think PGH has minimum of 6 months. and in ospital ng muntinlupa (hospital of muntinlupa), where i volunteer, it's unlimited. ahihi!

    whenever i think of going on volunteer duty, i feel lazy (because i'm not paid) just thinking of the pinoy henyo (guessing game) i have to do with patients who can't speak because their intubated, the suctioning, OF and "pukpok" or smashing (?) of tablets, be at risk of verbal abuse by doctors, and urethras that won't allow entry of catheters. ahihi!

    btw, i'm also looking for a sample CV, if you want, let's exchange our CV (minus the personal details for privacy purposes) so we can compare what's missing or what's not to put.
  5. by   nurseonduty17
    i just had 3mos from the 1st hospital where i volunteered sept 2009-dec 2009. in my 2nd hospital, i am working from jan 2010-present. they are not that strict regarding months of training. its a government hospital.. i work 12 hrs/duty.. 4x/week, so thats 48hrs/week.. hehe..

    in my SOS, they just wrote my job description..

    yeah sure we can xchnge CVs.. how can i send mine and hw cn u send urs?
  6. by   glioblastoma
    @ nurseonduty17

    hi! i PM-ed to you my e-mail. toodles!
  7. by   sweet_toothRN
    Wow! 2nd page already... our thread ain't a baby no more hahaha!

    currently reading previous posts, haven't visited for a while...

    hello everybody!
  8. by   glioblastoma
    hi everyone! i just want to clarify something. in the statement of service, the number of hours should be included if part-time only, otherwise there's no need?
  9. by   nurseonduty17
    @ glioblastoma

    thanks for the pm.. il js email u as soon as i can. thanks! and yes i do have fb acct
  10. by   jakey
    on the agos form , it states "be signed and dated by your employer (i.e. in the past 5 years) with a statement “this curriculum vitae is true and correct as at (insert date)” this really applicable? i mean i have several employers, do i go to every one of them? i am lucky then that i didn't work in other countries...
  11. by   cioman94

    cv to be signed by employer???

    Quote from jakey
    on the agos form , it states "be signed and dated by your employer (i.e. in the past 5 years) with a statement "this curriculum vitae is true and correct as at (insert date)" this really applicable? i mean i have several employers, do i go to every one of them? i am lucky then that i didn't work in other countries...
    hi jakey,

    in part 1 of this thread, there was a time when several forumers discuss this concern that you raise now.. after all inputs have been posted including the actual experience of one forumer who visited the ahpra office and personally ask this issue, the consensus among forumers was that indeed ahpra committed an error of posting such instruction and that as ive mentioned many times in this thread, employer will only sign your statement of service, not your cv.. but if you can do it, then why not..

    this is one of the matters that is really confusing due to present transition period.. so please also note that it is also possible that as of this point in time, they may have change their mind such that indeed they will require employers to really sign the cv.. but i bet they do not really require it, my bet..

    also in the previous pages, i have short comment on this matter...

    if there are other forumers who disagree with my answer above, no probs, i will not debate with you.. above is just an information i shared, take it or leave it, or research on it.. peace..

    good luck to your application..
  12. by   __minja__
    Hello nurses,
    << many thanks to cioman who is not only generous with his time and knowledge but is also a motivator to aspiring to-be OZ nurses... That should be how we Filipinos work together.. >>
  13. by   shynern07
    i agree with cioman94, all i did with the CV part was, made a CV and i signed it at the end part that it's true and correct. With the CV, i attached Statement of Service which was made and signed by my previous employer..