Nevada NCLEX for international graduates.

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    Hi! I am a new grad from the Philippines. Just wondering if I need to have a local license from the Philippines to apply for Licensure by examination in Nevada? Thank you for your time.

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    I'm also fresh graduate in the Philippines and planning to apply for Nevada. I'm just waiting for my transcript to be release and i will be filing for CGFNS via CES. You dont need a local licence anymore.
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    YES, the local PH nursing license is required as of Jan. 1, 2013.

    Click here:

    Guys, just know also that NV recently started to enforce the concurrency rules and a few other course requirements.

    But maybe you guys are 2013 PH grads so hope you pass the requirements to get your ATT.
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    I am a 2013 grad. Does that make any difference? I just graduated march of 2013.
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    If a license has been required from Jan this year then as a new grad they will not process your application until you have sat and passed NLE. Regarding concurrency well a lot will depend on your cases and whether the clinical was current to theory
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    Thank you for the info. Will send my cgfns-ces to other states. Im open to go anywhere. Goodluck to all the foreign new grads!
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    is it applicable to all Ph graduates even american citizens?
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    Quote from theycallmethin
    is it applicable to all Ph graduates even american citizens?
    Quite often yes. Most agencies require that you are eligible for licensure in the country you were educated. Canada requires this in all provinces. Some states make exceptions if you can prove intelligibility for license in country of education. Others do not (Illinois or Indiana is one). The only way to know for certain is to contact the NV BoN as they have the final say.
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    Thank you very much! I will try to call them by tomorrow. As i have seen in the board meeting agenda dated March 27-29 It is still for "for possible action", "Review, discussion and action regarding revisions to the International Graduate Licensure Policy " so I really hope I can still get in.
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    The local PH license is required:

    Item #3 (it was recently revised and stands as is)

    Whether or not you're an American citizen, dual-c or foreigner, if your actual final BSN degree is from an international location, NV will need to see if you're truly a nurse from that country. This is a way to also verify with that country's own nursing board, if the license and the numbers is legit and valid, as transcripts can still be easily forged.

    As mentioned some states do require the local country's license and if from the Phils, if you're a USC or dual-citizen, you are exempt BUT you can take the local PH exam and it's to your benefit in the long run! I know of several USC who have the local PH license.

    Some state's BON evaluator may buy your story of unable to take the local country exam and let it go, but some may not, it's a case by case basis. If they believe your story, then consider yourself very lucky, as I've heard from other batchmates and their friends, that's not the case any more.

    Again, it's YOUR problem, not any State's BON problem, as you're dealing with different set of rules and laws and policies if you don't hold a local country nursing license, regardless of your citizenship.

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