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  1. Does anyone knows what to do with this problem? I applied for nclex-rn but the brn told me to enroll in some particular subjects bec. The program that I had in the Philippines did not meet ta US standard. In the Philippines we can finish our cases before graduation comes but in the US they need to finish their cases on the same semester wherein you enroll the subject. What am I goin to do with this? Do I need to enroll the particular subjects that they told me? How long will it take?
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    If you want a RN license in the US, you ask the board of nursing in the US state where you will live what they require you to have for education and experience before you sit for the NCLEX. They can usually tell you how to go about doing that. Then you do it, or you don't take the NCLEX and they don't give you the license. Pretty clear.
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    There are possibly three schools in CA that offer the courses: Mount St. Mary, National University, and Unitek.

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