nclex rn application in Nevada - page 6

how long would it take to process for the nclex rn in nevada? approximately how many months until you were given the eligibility from the time you applied? thank you.... Read More

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    Hi guys, anyone of you who's still online here? I graduated bsn in Philippines and the passed nle.
    do you know how long will it takes to process after submitting the NCLEX RN application in Nevada Bon? Thanks!
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    Quote from Kjcarlos
    I added you on fb pls accept accept just wanna know how was your application in nevada tnx
    Hey! How was your Nevada application?
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    Quote from ceszxy27
    Hey! How was your Nevada application?
    Hi I'm also a graduate in the philippines BSN 2011. Can you add me on FB please? my name is Varry Heramis Uy. I just have a lot of question to ask before I'm going to bet my money to apply here in nevada :'(

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