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  1. by   ladydee-rn
    Quote from bellamonster
    Hi laydee-rn. Is it possible that I can submit my application of LOE to AHPRA without my IELTS? I already have my IELTS result but only got 6.5. . . Pls help. I really want to submit my application for the LOE.
    Hi bella

    Ceridwyn is right....You need an IELTS of all 7...Aside from AHPRA, you also need IELTS when you apply for subsequent visas and skilled migration assessment in ANMAC....Even applying for permanent residency you also need IELTS....

    This may sound frustrating but it would be better to retake the IELTS as soon as possible to complete the required documents for AHPRA application...
  2. by   marga18
    hello everyone. who's going to unisa for arntp this october 2013? what type of accommodation will you be having?
  3. by   milakunis
    Hi guys. I recently got my LOE. I'm eyeing for La Trobe's January 2014 intake. Does anyone know how to apply? I already emailed them and also tried the online application thru their student portal but to no avail.
  4. by   kach_me1
    hi! im for IHNA October intake, how was the accommodation at IHNA?
  5. by   xanxan
    Just got a Letter of Offer from Lonsdale Institute for November intake.

    How was your experience with lonsdale?

    Anyone for November 2013 intake?

    I am still hoping for AAON to respond.i hope they do because of their tuition fee and i hope they have an October 2013 intake.

    Thanks in advance
  6. by   NotSoCoolGuy
    Hello, I have sent my application to ahpra 2 weeks ago.. I sent it together with my friends papers. My friendq received an email 3 days after that from ahpra quoting her another 160 dollars to complete the application since we only sent 380 which was supposed to be 540.The problem is that I have not received any email from them.. Could someone share his experience with me? To those who have encountered this type of problem? thanks
  7. by   lady marjette
    hello xanxan

    i also just got a letter of offer from lonsdale for their november intake. i was hoping i would be offered soon by other schools but the intakes are for 2014 already, and as we all know we need to go there asap cause of changes in their employment policy.

    im still also undecided regarding this matter.

    anyway, it seems there's a possibility that we'll be classmates in the future. can u pm me? thanks
  8. by   kenoboi
    hi, does anybody here already took ARNTP in UniSa? how was it? i will like to ask few questions:

    1. How do you process your application for the said program in UniSa? Does they have online application form to fill?
    2. How much really is the tuition fee? not clear if it is really $AU 31,900 or $AU 15,950 for year 2014? (cause I'll have my 2-year experience in January 2014, planning to apply for February 2014 intake.)
    3. It is noted that there will be student registration first with the AHPRA before commencing with the program. Does UniSa assist in registration or personal registration to AHPRA is required?
    4. Interstate student placements require a National Police Certificate. Is NBI clearance for travel abroad valid?
    5. How do you pay for the tuition fee?
    6. Does UniSa assist in getting a proper visa?

    Anyone's help will be much appreciated
  9. by   dai_yari
    Hello. I tried a consultancy firm,and they said that aphra now requires atleast a minimum of 6 months working experience in australia so,they dont recommend bridging course and they prefer a client to take a 1 year nursing course or 2 yrs. Is it true?that was the first time i heard such kind of requirement.thanks
  10. by   dai_yari
    And aside from that,they also emphasized that graduates from a certain australian university holding a degree by studying atleast a year or 2 is by far ahead or with edge in finding a nursing job,thats why they do not recommend bridging course. But its very expensive to study for a year or 2
  11. by   knbautista
    Hello! I am also for the November intake in Lonsdale Institute. I hope you can pm me too, so that we could share plans if you both decide to really go for Lonsdale. Thank you
  12. by   vitamin_n
    Quote from knbautista
    Hello! I am also for the November intake in Lonsdale Institute. I hope you can pm me too, so that we could share plans if you both decide to really go for Lonsdale. Thank you
    & @xanxan and @lady marjette, hi! I'm also for November intake at Lonsdale Institute. Have you guys already paid the deposit? Are you taking the accommodation that's inclusive in the tuition fee? Let's keep in touch
  13. by   knbautista
    Hi vitamin_n!

    Yes, I am planning to take the accommodation since I don't have any relatives in Victoria. I have not paid them yet, I am planning maybe last week of this month. How about you?