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    Quote from moonyen2012
    hi seph,pls.delete messages in your inbox.I found your email.I will just check my ym if you were added already.I do not know which one to accept.Many hackers want to be added in my account.I have to ignore them every time.
    hi moonyeen here's my email add so we can exchange more Informations

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    hi moonyen. im having problems with my ym. i already deleted some of my inbox so you can send me messages there. how's the elearning going? have you found a place to stay yet? i have read a report from australia forum, a DIAC officer said to be very careful when looking for a place to stay because there are con artists trying to scam international students.. that's also the reason i took ihna's accommodation, its just expensive for a few hundred bucks. when are you applying for a visa? i hope to lodge mine by this month. goodluck to us and Godbless.
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    Quote from arenlima
    You cannot start your Ahpra application without proof of English Language...I would suggest you to get your English exam done, and in the meantime, start collecting your other documents so that you can save time...

    hi arenlima. i sent you a private message. if you would be so kind to reply. thank you very much.
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    coleenchu428,I added you in my ym.Kindly accept.Thank you.
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    hI everyone! what's the duration of the bridging program of college of nursing?
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    Hey, ACFE told me that they just received their full accreditation from ANMAC, their BP is Still on the list of approved programs of study on AHPRA website. Are you still going to pursue BP with them? I just got a letter of offer from them, not sure if I'm going to enroll with them.
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    Hi, I would like to ask for some advice. My nursing experience (paid+ voluntary) is still valid for AHPRA application (because it's within 5 years), but I am no longer practicing as a hospital-based nurse since '11 due to unfortunate event (cutting employees whose contract will end). I've been doing medical-related work since. I understand that BP schools require 2 years experience and 12 months recent practice. If I go back to hospital most probably it will be as a volunteer nurse. I've also read that there are some schools that do not require recency of practice, but it is not in the state where I plan to lodge my application (because that's where I have a support of place to stay). Also, I understand that even if you completed the BP and registered eventually, experience is a must in job applications but even if I start applying in hospitals now, I won't earn the 2 years paid experience that schools require. My dream is to become a nurse in Australia like you guys, I really have a heart to take care of people, patients always say that to me. The most clear thing to do is to go back to hospital, but I won't get paid (even if you like your job but your family won't be eating that's a serious issue) and cannot be used as an experience for BP schools and even for job applications. I feel that opportunities had passed already, that I should have applied when I was a nurse back then and now I am too old to start volunteering again and wait to be hired and then apply to AHPRA. If I gained the 2 years experience, 2 years from now, there's a possibility that policies will change again from nursing council to BP schools to visa to job opportunities just like in NZ. Please give me advice, should I pursue sending my documents to AHPRA? Good luck to all, thanks in advance.
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    Hello, I have been reading messages in this forum ever since I found it and thank you everyone, you've been very helpful. I always read cioman94's and ceridwyn's messages. Wherever you are, may you have more blessings!

    I think I will pursue my application, it's never too late. Pray for me!
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    hi! anyone for april intake at AAoN??
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    help!! anyone know any usual questions they will ask during skype interview? this is for the ACFE intake of their IRON program.

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