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    hi thanks for the reply jap!. i still couldn't send a pm

    So there are only limited slots for the june intake I hope i could fill in soon. I haven't paid the tuition fee yet maybe last week of december.Do you think i'LL still be granted for that june intake slot? Cause i really think it's way too long that the slots would be filled up soon..

    Can I join you guys with the lodging of visa by jan?,if ever i'll get the slot, can we be boardmates ?, I really hope to live in the same house with you guys my kababayans.. I dont have relatives in aussie yet so I'm kinda anxious about the stay there.

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    Where can we find good accommodation in bendigo near ltu?, thanks..

    Anyone for ltu june 2013? pls pm me. thanks
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    Is there anyone here who got interviewed in AAoN last week who already received a confirmation if they passed or not? , because I still didn't receive such information yet. I am waiting for the school to respond so that i could already choose where will i do my bp next year..
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    Is it true that when you are under a student visa, you'll be given only a month extension ? What happens if we won't get a job within that duration of stay ? can we still file for a tourist visa for another extension just like with 456 visa? TIA guys,. your information will be much appreciated.
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    Hi! I already have an offer letter for UNISA on April..however my biggest worry is that that loaning company that I applied for cannot issue me the needed amount yet. Actually I was suppposed to go last October 2012 but because the loaning company cannot provide me the money, I wasnt able to push through. Does anyone know any loaning company other than AG finance? Thanks.
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    Why was AG Finance unable to give you the loan??
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    One possibility, no jobs and they are not getting their money paid back. The whole health system is in disarray! All publics hospitals have been told they are being cut a couple of million each adn asking staff to cut down hours, unions are meeting due to the massive hospital cutbacks as we speak in Victoria.
    They are closing beds (the hospitals) and cancelling elective surgery or making the wait list longer, there is a hiring freeze in place.

    and aged care has not missed out, they are putting health assistants in RN places.
    All this, and a few hundred new graduates without work.
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    anyone for aaon Jan Intake?
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    Good day guys, how will i know if i've passed their assessment? i sent my credentials a week ago and i'm wondering if they'll give me a call or just email me. thanks
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    hi guys,
    i am new here and this would be my first post, as far as i can tell everyone is nice and always willing to help out which is great...
    as weird as it may sound but im doing this in behalf of my gf, shes the nurse and i am an elected government official.. i am here, because we decided that we wanted to try living in australia for a better life.. the thing is, political violence in our town has come to a point that so many lives has been lost due to greed in power.. it is so heart breaking to think of all of our friends' families who lost a loved one due to the greed and selfishness of the few. this is not the life that i dreamt of for my little one, this is not the way i want us to live our life.. thats why we came to this decision. my gf and i are both young, shes a nurse with masters degree and 3+ years of experience, im hoping that through the help of those kind hearted knowledgables here that we can come up with the best decision for our life.. i hope you guys can help me with a couple of questions, and i think itl be helpful too for the others who wants to know, here goes..

    1. what are the main diffrences of arntp to bridging programs? i know someone had answered this but maybe someone can go into further details also based on their own experience, the whole cost including the living expenses? duration? better school location? and in your opinion the best program to go to and school to go to?

    2. what is the step by step process from the start to getting employed, i tried broswing but the ahpras, and department and schools abbreviation has been really confusing! i know some might have already answered this so feel free to give the link..

    3. what is aaon about?

    4. do they allow a dependent common law partner to go along with the program student? i was able to talk to a unisa rep when they were here in makati and they said yes.. but had someone that did a program and was able to bring a partner?

    my gf has masters degree, she hasnt took yet the ielts but i think she will have no problem getting 7s, i am still incumbent until june 2013 so intake time will also be a consideration but i wana go as soon as i finish my term,

    i have just lost my dad recently to heart failure and it was a long ardous expensive battle that basically had left me broke, we are not rich, this decision might be the most important that we have to make, and i got only one shot at this because i dont even have yet the money for this, but i have to make this happen for my child and my family.. this is not only for the sake of earning a living.. but this is about giving my child a life he deserves and be away from this all.. and for my mom who im sure will no longer be able to take it if something happens to me.. this is our life so i will forever be grateful for the help! thank you very much!
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