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    For those confused about whether to declare their US licensure, I indicated that in my AHPRA application and the board didnt have any questions about it. You just have to request for a letter of verification from the US board you're licensed with. I think it's better this way, at least you got nothing to hide/worry about later on Goodluck!

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    for those who had their immunizations for ihna, are they strict about the lot #, brand name, etc? and is the PPD really required? has a postive result ever been a cause for delay? thanks!
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    Quote from aubreyR
    Hi glitzdelight! In my case, I do have my BON ID/license as I have an SSN. Do you think it would still be better for me to declare my NCLEX license? I'm really apprehensive about the length of time it might take for the Cali BON to mail the verification to Oz. Where did you enrol for your bp btw?
    I do think it's best to declare it even though time would be an issue. I did my BP at CON.
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    Hi! I sent you a pm.. please do reply..

    Good luck on your new job!

    Quote from glitzdelight
    Hi everyone. I'm not quiet sure if you know or remember me.

    Anyway, I'll be starting my job as an Aged Care RN next week.

    I know you got a lot of questions.
    "Why aged care?", "Are there no Hospital jobs?" There are still employment awaiting for us in the hospitals but I am on a 456 visa and my current entry is about to expire, due to time and money constraints, I don't have the right to choose. To be honest, after I've lodge my visa, I got 4 invitations for an interview in public hospitals here in Aus but unfortunately I can't entertain them already.

    The real picture here is that there are a lot of vacancies here, as in hundreds, but not all are willing to sponsor for a working visa (which we all need except if you're a PR/citizen) consequently making it hard for us to gain jobs in our interested field. Even aged care facilities are not so keen in sponsoring anymore, that is why I still consider myself lucky. However, if you can wait, maybe you'll get what you like.

    They say it is a burden in Aged Care and our RN skills will be compromised.
    I don't know if that is true but what's important is that we give our sincere care to patients.

    August 2011 - Applied for eligibility
    December - Received my Letter of Eligibility from AHPRA
    May 2012 - Started Bridging Program
    July - Done with BP
    Sep - Got my registration Number
    November - Offered a job
    December 12 2012 - Start job

    I am very anxious, actually. I don't have any idea about being an Aged Care RN but I know God knows I can do it because He will not put me here on the first place if I cant surpass this.

    Good luck everyone
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    Quote from red_hot_chili_oreo
    for those who had their immunizations for ihna, are they strict about the lot #, brand name, etc? and is the PPD really required? has a postive result ever been a cause for delay? thanks!
    yes, ppd is really required.
    mine turn out to be positive but my CXR is clear and no other signs and symptoms.
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    Guys, you may want to read this, not to burst any bubble but... Click on the link...Australia sees low nurse demand | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online
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    Quote from glitzdelight
    No problemo Adel God bless on your road to becoming an AUS RN
    Hi! I would like to ask you. maybe you can help me with this. My letter of eligibility will soon expire on April and I am about to take the course on feb. I tried asking my case officer for an extension but I am not that successful. I am very sad because I knew other were granted an extension. But it is very difficult on my part. Is it ok for me to attend the program,. What if i caompleted the program beyond the expiry date of my letter? Also, I would like to ask you if you did exit from Australia? is 456 visa only valid for 3 months the have to exit? because on your post you started bp last may. so you must stay only up to august then exit and then return again? Because you got your registration only last sept.... thanks for youe help.. I am really sad
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    If anyone is considering the move, Why not do a google search on hundreds of graduate nurses, educated in Australia with no jobs this year and even a read of the Australian forum where are few did not get work after graduation.
    I doubt whether its an emergency, other than it AHPRA asking for help with the amount of international nurses swamping AHPRA for registration.

    I usually employ nurses, but not at the moment, there are no jobs and I do not need to import nurses from Ireland either. My counterpart in a NSW hospital, reports the same, the jobs that were there are filled, in the hospitals and we are not allowed to sponsor unless it is a specialty position that has been unfilled for 6 months after advertising the position.

    Start reading the find print on the job advertisements all state that you must have work rights - no sponsorship.

    Nurses however from Ireland, the uk, Canada, south africa, singapore, USA, do not need sponsorship and therefore employers are more willing, if there is room to take them on for short contracts, which nurses from other countries cannot be employed.
    Thats a possiblity why they get work more readily.
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    WOW CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
    i am sure you will like the aged care. I have worked as a care assistant in uk in aged care for about 2 years. good luck
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