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New thread discussing meeting APHRA requirements if trained in the Philippines. links Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency AHPRA Nursing Council of New ZealandNew Zealand Nursing Council Part 1 thread New grad... Read More

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    Does anyone here know if CON is still accepting apps for january intake?and if not, when's the next intake? thanks!

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    to briansnow

    goodluck on your decision...unisa is waiting for you..
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    to beauex
    are you really going for UNisa?? ahh, I can't decide, Im still waiting for AAON's result, but Unisa e-mailed me again, and sent an SMS with regard to their offer if i'll be accepting it, did you receive one also?
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    to brainsnow

    yes, I recieved 1 message yesterday...They want me to pay the TF already...I'm still workin on it...I believe you prefer AAON, am I right?
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    Quote from jamic
    Just received my visa. Will be going to la trobe uni this january.
    Congratz! Looks like we'll be seeing each other and danceinstructor in LTU next year.
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    Quote from Cris88
    Congratz! Looks like we'll be seeing each other and danceinstructor in LTU next year.
    sent you PM Cris88 regarding accommodation in Bendigo.
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    Hey Guys what are the schools accepting BP programs if you dont reach a 2 yrs experience. THANKS GUYS.
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    Quote from seph
    hi chelseaxyrene! i also sent mine to ahpra vic and it will be 3months this week.. this waiting game is getting on my nerves. by the way, how did you get your case officer's email? because i only get the chance to follow up through ahpra's web inquiry link. thanks!
    Sent mine june30 and until now no news. Its almost 4 months. I also send mune thru web inquiry but every time i make one i include mu rference no. And when i get a reply its from my case officer. I hope well get a positive reply soon
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    How's everything going? Did you pay the TF already?
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    When is the next intake for LTU? IS It may oe june?

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