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    Quote from bettyboop09
    guys, any feedback from INFINITE VISA? it is a consultancy like of PHILMAN who also offers financing. thank you!
    My friend works for that company

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    Quote from Shaneyney
    I'm done with the interview. I'm not quite sure of the thing they're assessing - communication skills, honesty? They didn't ask a thing about diseases, like what other schools have been doing, which is good, I guess. To be honest, I'm not pleased by the answers I gave out. Not that I did horribly bad, but the interviewer seemed unconvinced with my answers. Hayy.

    How about the other guys, did they say you passed right after the interview? Good luck to all of us!
    I feel for you! It is one nerve racking experience and at the same time one that kind of leaves you guessing. I thought I was the only one feeling that way. God bless us
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    i submitted my app first week of march this year. i dont have an agent. did everything on my own..havent completed the vaccination bec im still looking for a school ..
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    For those who took ARNTP, where you guys vaccinated in Australia or you did it here..? Your replies would be much appreciated...
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    hi danceinstructor! Good to know I have a classmate here. Was beginning to worry no one from allnurses will be going to LTU. I havent bought my plane tickets yet but Im guessing I should be there on the 9th. Have you found a place to stay already? email me at
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    To Beauex

    Have you decided already that you'll be going to UniSA? have you paid the tuition? thanks.
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    to ceridwyn

    Ok, thank you for the information.
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    Hello, would like to ask everyone? What documents did you have notarised for AHPRA application? I'm looking for a law office here in Makati who does it in a reasonable price. Any recommendations? Or may I know how much did you shell out for it?

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    to brianfrivera

    es, I've decided already, how about you? how's your interview with other schools? I'm still working on the payment...there's a slot for you at unisa, better grab it...
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    To beauex

    hmm.. I think my interview went well, I guess it'll all go down to the competition, I heard there were a lot of applicants. The result will be released next week... and yeah, I'll decide next week. ergh. goodluck.

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