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    to beauex

    Hi! I have read that you will be taking UNISA ARNTP on April 2013 and received your Offer Letter. I am also eyeing the April 2013 ARNTP intake, have you settled the tuition fee already?

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    to beauex

    Not yet. My agent told me that ARNTP does not require "show money". Now i'm confused.
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    AAON just emailed me asking for my best contact number for the interview for february or december intake. Too bad i already enrolled at IHNA so i'm letting go of the slot.

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    to brianfrivera

    Hola! No, I haven't paid the TF yet. Are you not still decided which school to go...?
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    to baros08

    Did you pay the Tf already? What visa are you going to apply?
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    to beauex

    no i haven't paid my tuition fee yet. Are you going to pay it on your own or your agent will process it for you? are you sure we need to present proof of funds?when are you going to pay your tuition fee? i will apply for student visa.and you?
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    Quote from baros08
    to Eyem8791

    My agent sent the scanned documents online. They just asked me to present them the original document then they certified it before sending to UniSa.
    Hello.. Is your agent a Filipino? How many years of experience does UniSa require for ARNTP? Thankss

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  8. 0 agent is a Filipino. I think they need 2 years experience.
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    @ baros08

    Yes,it's going to be a student visa also. I'll be paying the TF directly to Unisa...the proof of funds are just bank statements...that's what I know. Anyway, I'll ask them why some agents don't ask for proof of funds, maybe it varies with the kind of visa that they're applying...Hopefully this month, the TF will be settled already...
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    to beauex:
    Did UniSa send your password to you? I sent an email asking for my password which i'll be needing when i pay my tuition fee. By Monday, i hope i get a reply from them.

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