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    Is AHPRA truly keen on the continuing professional education? If one doesn't have this, is it grounds for not being granted approval?

    Thanks for your ideas!

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    Quote from canisdorrainzeptipi
    Is AHPRA truly keen on the continuing professional education? If one doesn't have this, is it grounds for not being granted approval?

    Thanks for your ideas!
    yes, ahpra needs cpe units to ensure thAT your still competent.
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    Quote from lamarism
    It's $14950. Everything you need to know about the program is in the website.Next intake is in April 2013 if you're interested in going next year. =) Try going through it here : brochure.pdfAustralian Registered Nurse Training ProgramUniversity of South Australia > Program > Australian Registered Nurse Training ProgramHope this helps =) Let's go to Adelaaaaide =)
    to lamarism...have you been accepted in UniSA for ARNTP? And have you been granted a student visa too? Have you heard from others how the progrm was for them?.. raprap and I would like to know more about it as we are also interested in the same course and take-in period as you are... Ope to hear back from you... Thanks!
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    I want to help my friends who received eligibility letter but dont have enough money to pay their tuiton and perhaps additional expenses in Australia. Is there a financing agent you can reccommend?
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    to baros08

    I'm under AMS...I have a cousin in Perth though...with regards to accommodation, I'll be assisted by my agent. How about you?

    I just received my unconditional offer today, hooray!!! GOD is GREAT!!!!
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    Hello Everyone. It is almost 4 months since I sent my application to AHPRA VIC and until now, I still don't have my LOE. Does it really take that long these days? I emailed my case officer and she said to wait.
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    Hi, I'm just new here. Just want to ask if there's someone who is taking up the ARNTP in UNiSA? April 2013 intake to be exact. Does anyone paid their tuition fee already? I got my unconditional offer letter just this week and Im still undecided if I'll grab UniSA's April. I didn't see any deadline on when I should pay the fee. I guess it's who pays first gets the slot...? Im still waiting for AAON's webcam interview, that's when I plan to decide, or should I take UniSA already? a little help here?
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    to beaux

    congratulations! i don't know if my agent will help me with my accommodation. do you know how many students from your agency who'll take ARNTP on April? Does ARNTP require proof of funds ("show money")? hope to meet you in UniSa.
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    to Eyem8791

    My agent sent the scanned documents online. They just asked me to present them the original document then they certified it before sending to UniSa.
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    to baros08

    I still have to ask how many students are going this April...My agent told me that they require proof of funds, 1M is safe based on what they've told me. Did you pay the tuition already?

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