IEN: Applying for Student Visa for Practice & Preparation for CRNE

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    I'm a Filipina currently processing my papers for CNO general class. I applied for general class to be able to sit for CRNE 2013. Am I on the right track?
    The school that I am entering requests a non-refundable processing fee of 500CAD for me to have their acceptance letter.
    Some got their student visa disapproved so they lost not just the visa, but also the 500CAD. Is is a good risk?
    I hope I can find a school where I can risk practically lesser just for an acceptance letter so that I can apply for a student visa without the scare of loosing a lot.

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    The school should wait until you get student visa, totally wrong not to give money back if visa is refused. They could easily give a letter stating accepted for course and fee to be paid on issue of student visa. My concern is generally student visa is for full time study for x amount of months and if less that 6 months a visa isn't required. Have you checked CIC requirements for student visa?
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    You won't get a student visa for CRNE prep. The programs are just not long enough to qualify. You'd do better to apply for a visitor's visa for the shortest term available, time your classes so that they finish just before your exam date and do it all in one visit. That's how you will get the most value for the money you're getting from that third party. Also, be VERY careful to research the reputation of the school you're planning to attend for prep. There are a number of them out there that will take your money with no guarantee that you'll even learn anything, never mind pass the exam. If they only advertise on Kijiji or other free sites, won't tell you who is on their faculty, how qualified their instructors are or offer any kind of guarantee, steer clear. And if they've ever had issues with any level of government anywhere, don't even communicate with them.
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    Ohh.. I have my application form already for CNO general class. can I use that application to enter in a short course for CRNE? Actually the school that I am suppose to pay is an 8-month preparation program for CRNE. I want to take CRNE but i am very hesitant to give initial payment for the school because as of now I heard some applicants for that school applied their student visa but were declined. I still can't figureout the reason why they got declined so that I can avoid those reasons but also I am seeking options of other schools that prepares students for CRNE. they said student visa allows students to work part time right? Because I really want to take my masters in nursing in Canada once I pass my CRNE.
    I really want to work with excellence there.
    I don't know also if i am allowed to post the name of the school which i am suppose to enter, but just the thing, i want to be sure my 500+ CAD is worth it for a non-refundable process.
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    Because the fact that all or almost all the processing fees for CRNE are non refundable. February will be the next exam date right? Will less than 6months preparation be enough? I am so anxious about perfecting the process for almost last 3weeks. Any guide will really help. Thank you allnurses world.
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    You do not need 8 months preparation for the CRNE exam. Many do not get tourist visa because they can not show enough ties to say they are returning back home once their course is finished especially when they know CRNE means you plan on eventually emmigrating or working Temp in Canada
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    Yes. That's the thing. That is why i am seeking astudent visa instead, but I will take your advise. I'll apply for tourist visa first. I will still come back whatever happen. I really hope they will believe me.
    Anyway do I have to find a school first before I apply for a visit visa?
    Thank you Silverdragon for the advise.
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    According to CIC for a student visa the school has to be recognised so I would suggest a good look at this link as tyhis may also be a reason to why people having received student visas

    Studying in Canada: Study permits - Before you apply
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    Have you received authorization from CNO to write the CNRE?

    Get that first before you do anything else.
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    Quote from itsmejuli
    Have you received authorization from CNO to write the CNRE?

    Get that first before you do anything else.
    I have the forms already. I'm just waiting for my school to tell that they forwarded my transcript already so that I can send the other forms that are with me, because my transcript to be sent to CNO takes longer. I schedule everything.

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