Help me decide on going to New Zealand, Im from Philippines. Help me decide on going to New Zealand, Im from Philippines. | allnurses

Help me decide on going to New Zealand, Im from Philippines.

  1. 0 Im a newly Registered nurse here in the Philippines who has no working experience, i just pass the nursing board exam here last june-july 2012 and because of the numbers of filipino nurses here in the Philippines, i want to change my pathway looking for a shortcut,instead of doing traditional way to work abroad by doing volunteers in hospital here that you are the one paying them, i'm planning to go to New Zealand and study there for 1 year, by following the footstep of my cousin who just graduated and passed the board exam here in the Philippines last 2010 and graduated last 2011 there in New Zealand and now working there as a HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT and not a NURSE because she said if you want to be a nurse there you should have working experience first at least 1-2years , i want to ask here for advice or decision on what to choose, because this question always comes in my mind...
    What should i do?
    - to volunter here in the Philippines for at least 1-2years first?or this is not needed anymore? because i have read in some threads here that even you dont have working experience in your own country you can still study there and after you graduated you can work now there as an RN.
    - or to study there anything related to nursing courses and follow the footstep of my cousin to work there as Health Care Assistant, and if i earn enough money to study Nursing there in new Zealand, do i need to repeat it again from the start?
    -And also im planning the location to choose Rotorua(Waiariki Institure Of Technology) where my Grandma is there and i can leave there for free, or Aukland (Auckland University of Technology) which according to my cousin Auckland is way better, bcoz of the ff. Reasons:
    firstly, at the end of the day, you'll still live on your own,
    2nd, the course won't require you a 1year experience before enrollment
    3rd, opportunities in Auckland are way too big as compared to Waiariki.
    and 4th, it's Auckland, the center of everything in NZ.

    thank you in advance.. i hope i can find the best answer here because i know a lot of people here are very helpful...​
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    OMG! We have the exact same problem right now. Have you got any idea of what to do yet? I also passed the june 2012 board exam here in the Phils. And I have no idea what to do next. Do you have any facebook account? so we can share some ideas about it?

    Bryan Yanguas
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    Hi there. I'm living here in NZ for almost 2 yrs. and I just got my nursing registration. Like you, I was so eager to left the country after I graduated and I came here through student visa. For more than a year, I worked as a caregiver but I never regretted it because I learned a lot from my caregiving experience before I got my registration. I advise you to have atleast 1 year experience. Although the new zealand nursing council only requires their applicants to have 400 hours of nursing experience BUT most of the schools here for the CAP COURSE (compulsory bridging course) will not accept you if you have less than 2 years experience. In my case, although I got 18 months RN experience in the Philippines, I was just so lucky. If you really have plans to come here, make up your mind as nz nursing council announced that they will make some amendments next year that might greatly affect the entry of nurses from third world countries. You can view the website of the council for more information and before you start your application they will also advise you to get 2 years experience first. I hope this helps you.
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    In addition, I beg to disagree that more opportunities can be found in Auckland. Actually, I stayed in Akl for two months as the location of my school sets there but I had a hard time getting full time job to convert my student visa to work visa. Luckily, I got a job offer in the earthquake-prone city of christchurch. This city is located in the southern part of nz and I must say that more opportunities can be found here and when it comes to safety and security (like crime rates) its better here. However, once in a while we experience baby aftershocks which are not really harmful but give you a little jolt.

    If you are living in Manila or in a big city in our country, definitely you will like it more to live in Akl than in Christchurch as I have some Tagalog friends who really feel bored living here in Christchurch and they think that the life here is too slow and they even think to move out of here and shift up north.

    Anyway, I hope this information helps you again. Well, life here is really good as money can be earn easily if you are hard working.
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    Okay jenrak, ill take note all that you said.. do you have facebook or anything that i can ask you privately? you can add me in facebook.
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    jenrak do you have email address/ or facebook where i can communicate to you? thank you i just have few questions thanks!
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    i tried adding you on facebook but your name is not appearing i think it's put in private mode. thanks
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    hi jenrak, just read ur post ... i am one of d thousand filipinos who wants to experience d lyf abroad... i have loads of rejections encountered along my jobseeking journey.. i am planning to take a big step in grabbing ds nz thing... study- work... i have no idea what will happen to me if i will pursue this but taking this one would be my big break... i just one to ask ur prof advice since u'v been experincing all those struggles from d start and i am quite inspire ur courage.. i am a mom already that's y i am hesitating to take risk of bein away from my baby if it's not worth waiting... mainly , i am tempting to grab d nz opotunity for my family... i want us to be together in one place with stable job... becoming a student would bey stepping stone for that dream to be possible.. i know it involved a lot of courage and a huge amount of money ... is it idealistic to risk such amount of money? how many years can i possibly earn such amount, 700k?.. how long does it take u to get a job since u landed nz?.. what are ur moves in getting a job wyl still a student?.. is it enough for u to support ur daily needs?.. d suggested place is auckland.. how can i possibly get a job?.. if i arrive there do u think there are warm hearted filipinos to accomodate u ?.. am just very curious .. please give me a piece of advice.. thank u.. i still have lots of things to ask but for now i just spare u a bit.. thanks ahead for stealing ur tym.. luking forward for ur reply.

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    pls bear with my words and spelling.. thank u

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    Are you a Nurse, educated at a school in the Philipines using English textbooks?
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    Hi jcaprn,

    i have been through your situation few years back. I decided to come to NZ in Feb 2010, submitted my student visa application in June and got the approval few weeks after. I arrived in NZ July 2010, found a job a week after. I worked as an HCA for 2 1/2 yrs. I became a NZ-RN last March 2013 and now I am enjoying the fruit of my hard work.. I am currently working as a registered nurse in one of the prestigious nursing homes here in Auckland.. I have helped out some of my friends to come to NZ without going through the expensive process in Philippines. They didn't have to pay agency fees and professional fees coz it's a direct process. I just want to help my fellow nurses achieve their dreams.
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    Hello whitecap99, im a Filipino registered nurse currently working here in phils as RN, i have tons of questions running in my mind right now regarding opportunities in NZ, if it is not too much to ask, can you please help enlighten me, can we talk through email -
    Thanks a Lot in advance