HELP California College doing Obstetric training to meet CA BRN minimal requirements

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    Hi, Im new the site and to California. I am a UK qualified nurse and have been here for 5 months. I have been through the CA BRN and after a long time, received a letter saying I must do an Obstetric course to meet their minimal requirement and before I can sit the NCLEX exam. I am really stuggling to find a College who does just this course. I heard it can be done in 5 weeks which would be fantastic if I could just get on one. I have a list of the colleges and Universities but Im still getting responses saying they don't do the course or I must do the full program? Has any UK or other nurses done this Obstetric course at the accredited college, if so WHERE in California please so I can apply direct to them. I live closest to San Jose. I must say I am feeling very disheartened with the whole thing it has gotten me down terribly. I don't want to give up but come on, why is this so difficult to get on to, I can't be the first UK nurse to try and get on this course?? HELP please

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    yeah, this seems to be happening to a lot of nurses lately. they asked me the same thing as well... i have to go back to school for ms and ob clinical and theory. the problem is a lot of the accredited schools dont offer individual courses. i also wanna know if anyone has any information on this.
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    well i'm having the same thing..just received a letter yesterday telling me to take MS and OB in an accredited school. I'm just wondering when this policy took effect coz i know people who also graduated from foreign countries who made it just a year ago.
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    I am having exactly the same problem. I graduated from Glasgow University in 2006 and have worked as an RN ever since. I just moved to the Bay Area in California last August and as soon as i had green card and social security number I applied to the CBON. I just got my letter yesterday saying i was deficient in obstetrics and paediatrics (i did an adult degree). Have started calling schools and college but have allgiven the same response so far: i basically have to do the whole nursing program if i want to do any of the courses. I will let you know if i have any luck with the schools. I am also feeling pretty disheartened by the situation.
    Good luck and please share if you have any success with the schools!
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    Hmm that's a tough one. The 2- year school in my area now "clusters" the courses, i.e., all of OB is in the first semester and I don't know when peds is. Maybe a school like that will take you as a "transfer" student. Or, apply like everyone else, take the first semester and then quit - you've got what you need. Just some off the top of my head creative ways to work around things.

    Or, what about going "home" to take the required course. Stay with a friend or family and do it as fast as possible then return to the states. It's your career, gotta make it happen no matter what, that's what I say. Sorry to hear you are getting jerked around.
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    Sit tight everyone, there's another thread going on, that Pierce College (CA) allows a foreign student or current RN needing the deficient course without having to take the entire nursing program. They are waiting for a confirmation of the facts.
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    hi JuliettetheScot, am too have the same problem,..maybe u can check the BRN site theres a "school" tab there,..where you can find some school which are accredited by the boards..maybe u can find a there...
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    Hi JEN_NURSE, I am about to graduate from Glasgow University myself this september with my bachelors in adult nursing. I already have a greencard and my family still live over in bay area, california. I was wondering if you had gotten any further with your training in the states and if you had managed to pass your NCLEX exam? I am really struggling to find information about how to go over and work as an RN in california. Any help or any information would be much appreciated!!
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    You will have issues unless your transcripts show clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult. There are some schools offering a small service but not many posted here and the ones that area have a long waiting time

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