failed TOEFL twice... Need to take an ESL course!

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    Hi! I am currently applying for RN Licensure by Exam in Nevada. I'm having troubles with the English Proficiency Requirement because I already took the TOEFL twice but failed (particularly the Speaking Section). I only got a 24 and 23 speaking scores so NSBN sent me a letter saying that I need to send them a documentation of completing an English course (ESL) before I can take another exam.

    I don't know where I'm supposed to take this English course. I already called NSBN and they told me that I can choose wherever I will take this course, and no number of hours are required as long as I send them the documentation. I prefer taking it online and if possible, with a much lower cost. I've been searching the net but most ESL programs cost around $200 and above. Can anyone give me an advice on this? I also would like to know if IELTS is better than TOEFL, because I really have difficulties answering in the Speaking Section of TOEFL.

    Thank you so much and I really appreciate all your help!
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    I have taken both ielts and toefl with different reason. Toefl is actually easier than ielts. Have you tried community colleges or adult schools in your area? They might be cost less.

    Have you done anything bout it already??
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    Hi! Is that so? Thank you! I think I'll be taking the TOEFL again once I complete an ESL course.

    Regarding that, I've tried searching since I really prefer the course to be short term, cheap, and online. If I can't find one with those preferences, I'm considering taking the course in the nearest community college. I have a question though, if you don't mind...

    Do community colleges offer ESL only courses? Or do I need to take up a degree and take ESL course as one of my classes? I'm just a bit confused how it works around here. Thank you so much!
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    hey any advice about toefl?
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