Do I need to re-take NCLEX? Anybody in the same situation? HELP ! - page 2

I've been calling and emailing the CA BON but it's always soo busy... Maybe someone here can help or is in the same situation... I passed the NCLEX exam in 2006 but was unable to provide an SSN as... Read More

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    Thanks proudpinay! I got mine just yesterday, because the school was only able to send it three weeks ago It was faster than I thought My other nurse friend got his, after about 6 weeks or so.
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    hello injecthope.. congratulations! finally the long wait is over for you.. ur now certified Ca RN! i just have some question, if it is not too much to ask from u.. i have the same case as yours-- passed NCLEX way back 2007, recently came to US last Month, finally got my SSN.. and im now on process of obtaining my license too.. im just wondering what additional school documents did they ask u to submit to Ca BON?

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