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I graduated BSN in the Philippines 2007 After taking the exam 2x they re-evaluate my application and found out that i did not qualify to take the exam. I found out that my cases did not meet there requirements. 1st question:... Read More

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    Can we please try and keep all posts regarding the changes to CA and how it is affecting you in one thread as it makes it easier for everyone concerned


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    jeff let me know when are u planning to apply for lvn. i decided to take the lvn first after maybe try the florida exam..i was reading some topic here regarding florida bon and they have different issue like there hours in theory or clinical are lacking.have u contacted the bon yet? do u think we r still eligible?
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    @ jeffbsn...kabayan much for your quick reply..and for answering it in it just shows that there is really no exact date when they implement the new rules(regulation,requirements etc..)..
    no exact date but if i can make a guess im sure it had to be just recently. because my sister recently got her att just 3 months ago. and she applied for the first time with no hassels or askng anything else from her. i guess it might be her first time to take the nclex rn? i have a feeling they are wiping us out, so manyfilipino bsn grads applying this exam and they just thought of some dumb reason to reject us because our cases are not concurrent with the lectures. how can we have concurrent cases with lectures when its hard as it is to get cases with the numerous nursing students and limited o.r d.r cases. i think this is really a way to limit filipino nurses in cali and the demand of so many new grad rns cant get a job all we can do is wait. kabayan add me on fb if you want my email is the same as my fb just search it, jayboy speaks im online there regularly to keep in touch with issues like this
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    hi guys! to those who got deficiencies, are you all guys a greencard holder?
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    yes shawie? why?
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    oh just wondering coz most of the people i know who got deficiencies are greencard holder... thanks for your reply chubbyhappy!
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    At the moment CA will only accept applications from people with a US SSN which for most are either US citizens or people with a visa allowing them to live and work in the US or immigrant visa
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    anyone got their eligibility yet?
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    Did anyone has resolved this problem??I have the same situation. The BRN is asking for my clinical rotation and I mailed them the list of clinical duties. Is that what they are asking for?or is it the RLE cases or procedures?
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    @ retetestis... yup. thats it. you'd have to send them a copy of your RLE book, and cases. whats up? haha! i did that. they told me i dont meet the minimum requirements for MS and OB... due to concurrency issues. same explanation theyve given to a couple other internationally educated nurses. so, the next step for us is to comply and go back to school for the deficiencies. or apply in other states.
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    wow! From what I've read, they based it from the schedule of our theory(class) and clinical rotation, that after we attend the theory class, we must be exposed to the same field on our next clinical rotation. Is that what the BRN is requiring us?If that's the case, then anyone I know who is a BSN graduate from the Phil will have to repeat their classes! From my opinion, this is really insane. And first of all, the BRN should have posted this kind of requirement beforehand while we are applying for the NCLEX so we will know what to expect.

    So what did you do??also thanks for the reply
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