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I graduated BSN in the Philippines 2007 After taking the exam 2x they re-evaluate my application and found out that i did not qualify to take the exam. I found out that my cases did not meet there... Read More

  1. by   proudpinay
    Quote from dee07
    Hi, do you also have a deficiency? Yea, that would be really bad. =/ Hopefully it won't happen. I'm still waiting for my analyst to reply, so I haven't had a chance to call any schools yet.but definitely I'll keep you guys posted.
    do you have you own copy of your clinical cases too kabayan?just received also a letter from CABON asking for a copy of my clinical cases,and im planning to have my own copy too from our school so i can compare it myself...
  2. by   nihaojailan
    (Graduated UST '10) I applied for NCLEX March 2011, and received a letter telling me to send all of the paper work that was required to a handful of us. The school schedule and clinical duty logs was a pain to finish. I was granted my ATT May 2011, took the NCLEX June 2011 and passed. I guess I was lucky that they weren't as strict as they are now.

    The rule was always there as they reference it to their "rejection" letters. I guess they're just stricter now in actually implementing the said requirements. As to when they decided to do this, who knows..

    A friendly advice would be: if you really really want to stay in California, why not challenge the lpn exam, maybe get a job and go back to college for the Master's. Yes it would be expensive, but it helps you along the way to network and to learn how they do their protocol here and enhance nursing skills too! I recently got in a new grad program and I had the biggest culture shock in my life. Luckily I have a Filipina preceptor and she understands. haha. I'd be going back to school to for my Master's once I saved up a bit too.

    Another option would be to transfer to other state. My batchmates are happily employed in nyc and they seem content. It's unclear though if you can endorse your license to Cali since they would re-evaluate your credentials again.

    Good Luck to all of you! =)
  3. by   dee07
    @ darrelton: I guess its just a case by case basis. are you planning to go back to school for your deficiency?

    @proudpinay: Don't feel down.. um, I had to request it from my school. I hope you get that fixed soon, keep me updated

    @nihaojailan: Yea,they've become more strict.. some just have to go through the complicated process I guess and lucky you for not experiencing that.hehe. Thanks for the suggestions and good luck also on your new grad program :]
  4. by   darrelton
    @dee07: im starting to work on my application for lvn, need to start somewhere so i thought of challenging lvn first then maybe after that i might either look for a school that will accommodate me or try other state and move there. but ill have my lvn license first then ill see where it will bring me to. how about u, whats ur plan?
  5. by   dee07
    Oh I see. At least you have a back up, I'm going to try to look for a school first.Hopefully there's one near where I live. Moving would be hard because its going to add to the additional expenses already.. but yea, good luck to all of us, wherever this might take us.
  6. by   retetestis
    @darrelton: Hi! Was your application denied by the BRN? What did they say?I'm still waiting for the BRN's reply if I'm eligible.

    Did someone here tried the idea of letting the school explain to the BRN why our theory and clinical are not concurrent?
  7. by   darrelton
    @retetestis: yup i was denied by BRN and my school sent a letter of explanation. but the analyst said its not just the clinical rotation that is the problem it also has to do with the minimum requirements both theoretical (units and hours) and clinical hours that is not acceptable since they (here in cali) has a higher number of units and hours in ob and med-surge. i have a realy nice analyst and said the letter would not suffice either and that there is nothing she can do but she will transfer my documents to the board of vocational nursing so i wont have to bugged my school again. there is a growing number of applicants being denied since we all have the same curriculum based on ched which is not on par with the curriculum here in the US (cali). thats what she said thru email.
    i pray that u wont have the same dilemma that we had here, gudluck!

    @dee07: arent u going to challenge the LVN yet while looking for a school?
  8. by   ratnik13
    hi just received a rejection a greencard holder but graduated in phil..i don't hold a lic..planning to take lvn or move to other states but have to contact bvnpt first for some info
  9. by   ratnik13
    hi jeff i got the same problem too.planning to take LPN and pursue RN later on.but i wanna make sure first if it'll be possible to take LPN but BVNPT is busy when i called..i'll try it again on tuesday..i'll update you guys.goodluck
  10. by   darrelton
    retetestis[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]: sorry cant pm u. she just told me to enroll med-surg and ob and give the notice to the dean if ever ull be accepted and then ask the dean to send ur analyst a notification that ur working on ur units and the duration of the said courses to be completed. her name is ******for confidentiality didnt gave her last name. whats ur analyst's name?
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  11. by   ratnik13
    i applied last april of 2011 and they kept on asking for more and more reqs and so the school sent what they asked and just last week i received a rejection letter...too bad
  12. by   darrelton
    ratnik13: hmmm too bad indeed! well ask ur analyst to transfer ur otr and stuff to board of lvn. i revied tons of nclex question i bought 5 books already and feels like the infos are going down the drain real fast sigh......
  13. by   ratnik13
    yes,but i don't know for some...