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Good day. I'm starting to get worried about my CVS-NY application. Its either CGFNS is sending the request to a wrong address, or things keep getting lost in the mail, or my school is not processing... Read More

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    thanks a ton. chokyali
    however, i got bit confused. i understand that the certified true copy of my tor should be mailed by my school with school logo on it via fastest means( dhl or fed ex).i didn't get what do you mean by school post office?

    you mentioned that t
    hey handed you a sealed envelope containing the cgfns form and the certified tor. what is that cgfns form? is that the same authorization form ?


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    We started at the same time for CVS and my school just got the request Last April. So just hang in there.
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    Yes it is the authorization form, dont be bothered about the " school' s post office" as long as the docs is from school to cgfns process and if there's nothing wrong with the processing of your docs then i guess you should wait some more time because mine took 7 wks
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    Quote from chokyali
    mine took 7 wks
    Sorry it should be 7 months
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    Your help really means a lot to me .. thanks..
    So you mean still 7 months more from the time cgfns receives my TOR up to the entire process of BON new york?

    @ nurse428
    Interesting ..keep me update of your progress.I will do mine too..
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    CVS takes anything from 6-8 months as a lot will depend on CGFNS sending requests out and being sent back to them, they usually wait 6 months for everything sent back and after 6 months what they have got will be passed on to NY BON and they usually sit once a month to review International applicants
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    Thank you Silverdragon102
    CGFNS told me that they usually take 4 to 6 weeks to review TOR before they send report to new york education Department. But what i understood from your experience is 6 to 7 months.
    Anyway, i applied to new york education department before i started with CGFNS. I am done with child abuse and infection control too. I just hope New york education department doesn't require english proficiency test.

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    4-6 wks for CGFNS7-8 mnths before you can sit for the nclex exam
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    Hi Chokyali
    Sorry for bothering you. So did i understand correctly:

    CGFNS to NYED - 6 to 8 weeks
    NYED to Till NCLEx- 7 to 8 months
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    How come it takes so long for NY to send the eligibility?

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