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Hi I am graduate from Philippines, I recently applied in california NCLEX RN but unfortunately i was denied and BRN is requiring me to take OB and MS subjects again. I know this is issue also to... Read More

  1. by   Yanee88
    Hi andrea. basically were on the same page.... i got denied too to take the CA exam because of the "concurrent issue", was advised to take clinical and theory...

    im debating where to take it.. 1.New york 2.Minnesota 3.Nevada... but since "steppybay" mention that her friend was denied then i guess i need too re-think again before i consider nevada. :spin:..... cause i want to work in CA.
    That narrows down my choices

    I hope for the best to all of US!!! God Bless !!!
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Guys, please check with CA on endorsing license because I am sure you will still have the same issues because CA like to do their own assessment so the same paperwork will have to be submitted
  3. by   iamnomad
    If California did not accept the RN endorsement from Nevada, I'm pretty sure they will apply the same rule/decision to whatever state you are licensed. I know you all have a reason why you want to work and settle in California. But be open to other possibilities and do not focus on just one state.

    I worked in the US before. My initial state of licensure was Oregon, then endorsed it to Kansas where I found a work. These two states are unpopular for Filipino grads but it sure gave me a lot opportunities and experience that I can't possibly get if I kept sticking myself to California where most of our relatives are.

    Good luck everyone.
  4. by   kittenkaboodle
    hi! i just want to share this info... i just called florida BON and was told that i can get exempted for english proficiency exam by submitting a proof to cgfns that ive been working here for more than 1 year and it will be included in my ces
  5. by   metroidhunter2
    hi there. what do you mean 1+ experience? as a nurse or any work?
  6. by   perioddrama
    Quote from metroidhunter2
    hi there. what do you mean 1+ experience? as a nurse or any work?
    You should either call FL BON to verify or look at Licensure Information for Applicants Educated outside the US and in non-NCSBN Jurisdictions. #6 and #7 relates to English competency and then call FL BON if you have any addition questions.