CES...just confused

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    My friend and I are applying for CES thru online—with my friend, prior to her nursing degree she had taken up a course for 1year while with mine, had another degree.
    And these courses were non-Nursing education,should we include these or just our Nursing degree?
    Thank you to anyone who can help…
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    I think better to include all than cause a delay
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    Thank you ms.Silverdragon.I have another few questions…
    I included the 2 schools for my nursing degree and for the other degree, thus I have 2 request forms for academic records—but everything is integrated into 1 TOR.
    1.) should I still ask the school for my non-Nursing education to fill-up the CES's request for academic records ; or
    2.) just use 1 request form for my nursing degree for the integrated TOR

    Thanks again.
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    I think as long as everything is on the one TOR you should be OK however any questions should be asked directly to the board
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    keep calling them--no one would answer but just the voice machine.
    and worse---i made mistakes online.
    have not paid yet but had the "order number"...but can't delete the mistakes I made.
    someone advised me to just abandon totally the account..not to cancel the order and make another new account and redo everything...is my advisor correct?
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    Any mistake made online can only be changed by writing to them
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    ok,thank you for the help Ma'am.
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    Hi there!

    I just learned today that SSN is now required for Vermont applicants.
    I have been issued a CES Professional report which Vermont is the recipient…did not apply yet to Vermont…then few days ago they changed their policy – obviously as an IEN, am no longer qualified as an applicant now.
    The CES report for Vermont has a time frame of 1 year, basing on this…the validity of my CES report is until August 2012.

    a.) does CES has validity period or can I still use this CES report for Vermont on applying to other State that still accepts IENs?

    b.) anyone who can suggest States that still accept IENs?
    a State that requiring CES as part of the application process…

    Am confused again…I appreciate anyone who could straighten things out for me and Thank You!
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    You can use CES report with other states however there will be a small fee
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    Hello there,
    I'm planning on applying for the CGFNS in Nevada so I can take the NCLEX. The requirements only mentioned of a CES and it doesn't say anything about CGFNS examination. So does that mean I don't have to take the exam? I was also planning to take my masters program there.

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