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Hi All, im just new here, it's nice there is such informative and useful site like this. I have question regarding CES in applying nclex for Illinois. I've that the requirments are CES and TOEFL. I have my CES but i'm a... Read More

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    hi how did you know the status of your CTS? did they email you? help pls.

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    Hi everyone,I am currently fixing my nclex-il requirements. However, I get a little bit mixed up. I wanted to know what will I get from the school to make my CES report approved? Does this contain Transcript and the like. Pls help me! Thank you so much
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    I am processing my nclex application in illinois also. I am wondering about the part that says we need to take an online exam that BON illinois will conduct online. What is that? Has anyone taken this exam? Are the set of questions in this exam same as those of the nclex exam? Can anyone give me an input on this so that I would be able to study on this exam?

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