Canadian LPN moving to WI, where do I start??

  1. Hello, I'm a Canadian LPN that will be moving to WI next year, my husband is American and is looking to relocate. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me as to how I get the ball rolling! I've tried to do some research but with little avail. Is there a board of nursing I am able to contact for info? I know I have to take the NCLEX PN and was wondering if I need to apply to a nursing board first or not as well I'm looking for recommendations on study texts if anyone has any! I will also be needing to learn imperial units as we use the metric system up here in Canada, any suggestions on that either?Thank you in advance! Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   loriangel14
    As far as licensing goes you will have to apply to the BON in WI and apply for a nursing license. They will assess your education and decide if you meet their requirements for licensure.If you do meet the requirements then you will be able to write the NCLEX PN.

    I am not sure how you go about the permission to work in the US part. Silverdragon will no doubt be along with some good advice.
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    Awwee what a great picture. sorry for the fact that I'm a new member just looking for some guidance and info regarding my question. Nurses are supposed to be caring, helpful and team driven (as in helping anyone in need)
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    You only need to post the question in one place. The mods will likely delete the others.
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    Thank you for your input! At least now I have a starting point Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    That's OK.
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    Starting point for getting licensed as a LPN is here Department of Safety and Professional Services Internet-
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    unless already started you will also need your husband to start the spousal process (greencard) which will enable you to move and work in the US
  11. by   SHGR
    There are lots of conversion charts online for converting in and out of the metric system. Memorize the most common ones, like 1kg=2.2lbs, C to F temperature, and cm to inches etc. We use both and have to be familiar with switching in and out- you can use calculators of course to be precise but you also have to know "approximately" because you will see people who set their calculations up wrong and tell you an absurd weight, you have to be able to recognize that.

    You might also see "grains" as in tylenol 10 grains, which is 650mg APAP.
    Where in WI are you looking?