CA BVNPT - LVN inquiries and updates for international students

  1. Hi, I thought it'd be best for all the international students that are having the issues with the CA BON due to the stricter enforcement of the rules and regulations and are now having to take another nursing route that of being a LVN, taking the tests related to being an LVN, transference of your records from the CA BON to BVNPT, etal, would be best served here rather than being posted in the other LVN-LPN forum, since that forum is geared more towards those educated in the States.

    The other few forums of the CA Board of Nursing, CA RN NCLEX-RN, etc are getting too cluttered now, since the situation of going after the RN license is different than the LVN license.

    Hope this helps you guys out more and best of luck!
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  3. by   sallyp911
    Here's a starting point:

    BVNPT - Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs)

    So you guys might want to start to post up more of your concerns and any progresses you're having to help out others.
  4. by   nursewholikesnursing
    so anyone got any success yet with getting eligibility for lpn exam? my friend has been waiting for 2 months to hear back from them... and i sent them an email as well, last week... and havent gotten a response yet.
  5. by   sallyp911
    My friend's friend who was denied her ATT (since last year) for the NCLEX-RN is also looking into this also.

    This morning, she said and told earlier that they are swamped literally with the hugh influx of international applicants, along with the ones from the States, especially with all the new grads soon to be graduating or have graduated. They are also closed on some Friday's and all this is causing a large backlog. The overflow of international applicants unable to apply for their RN license was an unexpected increase.

    They said it can take up to 8-10 weeks or longer to get an answer and that's assuming that ALL of your documentation are in order. You will be notified if there's something missing, then you must clear that, then, you have to re-wait again, another 8-10 weeks.
  6. by   sallyp911
    International students should be using Method #3 of the application process and submit all supporting documents. They don't require a S/S# to apply.

    But what she just told me that one of her friends got information that if you're granted to take the board exam, you must present a valid S/S# before they will let you actually go forward. They may check the validity of your S/S# via
  7. by   dragon_lady
    I called the BVNPT and now they're having a back log and still processing the January applicants for International students.They said i have to wait for few more months since i applied for march.
  8. by   sallyp911
    Oh, one other important this is that the BVNPT is not concerned about the concurrency issues with the clinical and theory courses being done in the same semester that's been declining applicants. You should however, meet the minimum hours as spelled out in the link posted under the starting point and using Method #3. If you follow those requirements, you will be fine to get your ATT.
  9. by   nursewholikesnursing
    oh wow.. thanks sallyp911... well, i guess all we have to do now is wait.
  10. by   retetestis
    For those who applied for nclex-rn and got denied and now applying for nclex-lvn, did you guys still submitted the copy of nursing program from the bvnpt page where you can download the application? I don't know if bvnpt still need it for evaluation because I already requested BRN to transfer my records to their office including the of my nursing program which I submitted before when I applied for rn.
  11. by   chotep
    @retetestis I am still waiting for the reply from CA BON... I think I will get the rejection letter but still not losing hope... on the other hand, I've started making my own back up plans and that is taking NCELX RN in another state, my husband is cool with that although I feel it isn't. It's gonna be hard for him and for me coz he lives in CA all his life... and needs to transfer because of this issue... I am also planning to take the LVN... so when u called that CA BON to forward ur paper works to BVNPT, did they say "ok we will?" and just submit app form to BVNPT and just wait till they give you ATT? is that how it works? I am so stressed with this thing I don't know if I am going to be pregnant thinking about this... too much stress...
  12. by   retetestis
    yes, I mailed BRN the transfer request with the required fee (but others said that they were not asked for the 30$ fee). It's already 2 weeks now since I mailed my application to bvnpt and I'm still waiting for their reply.
  13. by   Bluecross
    Step by step instruction on how to apply for LVN for IEN would be great =)
  14. by   sallyp911
    Quote from Bluecross
    Step by step instruction on how to apply for LVN for IEN would be great =)
    I'm sorry, I don't know much about this subject (IEN), but maybe others here can help out with that situation.