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I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting for new requirements such as:... Read More

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    hi rovykr,

    i think I suggest you first to send the application, with fees, diploma and all the personal requirement that you will personally provide then, wait for the BRN response for the additional requiremnts!

    But because of the recent strict enforcement, you will ask to submit TOR, RLE, Form that your school will fill up, and clinical cases!

    For if their requiring a local licensed that I don't know! Personnally, I submitted mine!

    Tip, since you found this thread I supposed you knew what is currently happening to the foreign grad! so, if you check and sure that your cases are CONCURRENT pls. proceed but if not do the right thing and apply to other state.

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    Hi nomad. Can i get ur email add? Can i email u as often? Mine is will need wome help right now.So did i just do right thing if i submitted first my application form $200 fee and the diploma (photocopy) and i will submit a letter explaining why i wasnt able to take the phil. Licensure examination? I am an immigrant here in US. I already have the ssn and the green card. Please do help me in what to do pleaseI would appreciate it a lotThanks a lotBtw, r u filipino?HeheThanks
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    sure! though Im not checking as often but if you need help just ask! I also gave you peesonal message! ^^
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    Yup, ur on the rigt track! normally, just wait for their response and follow it, then your good 2 go! nut remember male sure your case is concurent!
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    Quote from nomad29
    Yup, ur on the rigt track! normally, just wait for their response and follow it, then your good 2 go! nut remember male sure your case is concurent!
    Nomad,Hello,I wanna chat to u pleaseSo the transcripts and other papers is to follow? Or i will wait for them to reply?Thanks a lot nomad
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    @kuyafern, etc

    Hi! I'm a 2011 graduate.. one of the first affected by the concurrency issue.
    Please PM me any information regarding this CSU fresno route. Thanks!
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    Hey! me too! I live like 4 hours from Fresno. But I can make arrangements... I guess. Where do I sign up?
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    Glad to have found this thread! I'm pretty much in the exact situation: American citizen; graduated BSN in the Philippines; didn't take the local boards; took the NCLEX-RN in CA last year - failed (wasn't too surprised, unfortunately). Actually, that time I wasn't in the right state of mind because I was enjoying being back home in Cali so I wasn't really into studying. My biggest regret so far now that they didn't accept me when I tried to reapply last March. Concurrency issue too. So I'm going the LVN route to just get things moving, then apply for RN in another state right after if I don't decide to work as a LVN.

    I wouldn't mind doing that program in Fresno lol.. but yeah might consider that after I pass the LVN or RN in another state.
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    Hi there! I'm facing the same problem as you guys...can you tell me more about the program at Fresno? My email is Thank you so much.
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    Hi Kuyafern I would like to know more details about CSU fresno if you can please pm me or email it to me i would really appreciate it. I graduated March 2010 and I have been affected with the concurrency issue I have been so frustrated looking for school I found one "modesto Junior college" I applied last March 2012 then I got a letter that they don't have space available for me for that semester, they told me to re-apply again, I did re-apply last October then they emailed me this "We have received your application, but the International Nurse applicants have not been considered yet. Space availability will not be determined until Dec. 15. Unfortunately, we have about 20 applicants from the Philippines who also need the same class. At this time, I can tell you that we will not be taking anyone into the Med-Surg class as the BRN is not being specific enough for us to determine placement.

    You will receive official notification sometime in December. I hope you are able to find the course you need at another school."

    I hope to hear from you thank you!

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