CA BRN new requirements for NCLEX RN international students - page 75

I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

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    I made a follow up for my application, (I just hope that I did it much sooner) and guess what that licensing analyst told me, they haven't received my clinical cases. What a bummer ! Now, I'm like back to square 1. These 3 months of waiting was just futile and vain.

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    Quote from nomad29
    I made a follow up for my application, (I just hope that I did it much sooner) and guess what that licensing analyst told me, they haven't received my clinical cases. What a bummer ! Now, I'm like back to square 1. These 3 months of waiting was just futile and vain.
    whatttttt omg man that sucks!
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    This happened to me the first time I applied for the exam I waited 5 months for their reply. That is why I suggest to follow it up immediately after. I have a friend who's paper got lost too she waited for a year, she could have avoided the concurrency issue.
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    I know, But back then something holding me back about making a call as I was like thinking that the analyst will just deny me! (I know thats the most silly thing to think) I already assume something bad will happen, but needless to say, I should make a follow up as soon as they received my requirements! Thats a hard way of learning a lesson!

    And it adds pain by thinking how SLOW my school process/ release their documents!
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    Hi! I didnt take the local board. But im an american citizen. That's the only reason i can give. Has anyone here been denied because you didnt take the board aside from that concurrency issue? Thankyou so much!
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    Quote from ulna
    But completed cases before graduation doesn't mean they're concurrent though.We're the same. I think areesh23 too. We need to keep in touch with each other to know what happens to 2012 graduates! Haha. I already sent my application 2 weeks ago to know where I'm going to stand.
    Hello. We're the same. Didnt take the local board and im already here in california. Do they require us to take it?
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    Just asking, um, does any one ever ask the BRN what is their minimum requirements?

    Beside the concurrency issue, because I just happen to think every nursing student has concurrent theory and clinicals, because as I understand since we take simultaneously the subjects (MS, OB, Pedia, Psych etc..) per semester it is difficult to do clinicals focus on the theory that has been discussed, meaning it is slim to impossible to encounter patient that has uterine prolapse if that is your topic in OB, so if that will be their basis I think no one can comply with that!

    Again, since we get the subjects simultaneously per semester, it will come to a point that you will have duty particularly concurrent on the subject itself not to the topic (e.g. OR on the first week then maternity ward on the second week, and so on..)

    So, if they requiring hours of duties, units acquired from the course, or prerequisite subjects I think we are more than or over qualified on that requirement.

    Going back, what is the reason their requiring us the cases not the CLINICAL ROTATION SCHEDULE itself since that would give them a general picture of our hands on practice. So, does that mean that they only basing our clinicals on that particular requirement?

    What happen to the duties that we don't get any case? Does that mean they assume that we don't learn anything from that?

    How about our ward duties e.g. Medical ward I think it can fall to our Medical Surgical credentials, obviously we don't get any case with that, does that not count?

    Just asking, no hate pls! Peace!
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    Has anyone been denied in other states? Specifically, illinois,texas or nevada? :-?
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    Hi everyone and silverdragon! Quick question. getting confused with the ces report from cgfns. I got denied from CA and have plans in applying for nclex in illinois. Illinois requires ces reports right? So after i purchase my ces order:A) are they going to give me application forms that needs to be filled up by my school and prc? Or cgfns will be the one to send it to the agencies/school for verification?B) if they give me the forms, can i ask a relative from the phillipines to go directly to prc and my school for the process to be faster. Once the forms are completed, prc and my university should send the forms back to cgfns right? Lastly,C) cgfns is a different agency right? Once the evaluation is completed, Will it be cgfns who gives the GO signal for releasing ATTs?Thank you very much! Hoping for your response.
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    Only for CVS do CGFNS send out any requests otherise you have to send forms to relevant places and pay any relevant fees. Also required by IL to be registered where you did your training. CGFNS will send report to IL BON and they will assess your application and decide it eligible to sit NCELX and then you register with pearsonvue who will issue ATT once BON says OK to them

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