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I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting for new requirements such as:... Read More

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    I'm a greencard holder. I just received the eligibilty to be an immigrant just after I graduated from college as a BSN. So I didn't have the option to study here in the US. I didn't know that there are other requirements for the re-application for NCLEX, no one knew because it is a new requirement from the BRN. It is also not posted anywhere in their website. You will just receive a letter after you reapply for the test,with the 150 reapplication fee which is nonrefundable, requiring such new requirements. For those who are not immigrants or green card holders, I admire you're perseverance in pursuing your nursing career here in US.

    PS.Please update us.thanks =)
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    some of the case here just received their immigrant status,approved petition from their parents or spouse as not all have the chance to study here inthe US..Sadly the new CABON law was implemented..
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    Quote from greenjungle
    If you're from PH, not an immigrant, forget applying to CA. You're wasting your time. Better to just stay in the PH.

    why will they just stay in the PH.if they have another chance applying in a different state?they sure all know that its hard to apply licensure in CABON if their not an immigrant because of the SSN reqs.
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    I think what makes it difficult to nurses from outside the Philipines to understand is this........nurses from all over the Us are telling everyone, there are no jobs for RN's.International students studying and nearly finished are begging for ideas to continue on on the US because no one will offer them a job.And nurses from your country are posting that some states are finding the Phil courses short on requirements.The recession continues in the world,cutbacks in health never heard of in some countries,and just on this it is quite clear to anybody that the us does not require nurses from overseas and working visas are not going to be doled out willy nillie again maybe skipping a generation before anything improves.So why apply to another state armed with this information that can be googled, look around the nursing forums, read what's happening worldwide.
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    its their choice not ours..for some even if it takes many years to come to the US they still take their chances because thats what they want so who are we to stop them or tell them no to..Dont you think nurses from our country dont know whats happening around the world?and why not apply to other state if its the other option?some foreign nurses are here in the US because they were petitioned by their parents or spouse as well...
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    @proudpinay: my private message thing is still disabled. I graduated from far eastern university april 2011.
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    @proudpinay: I sent my application around august, and they sent a reply the next month saying that they needed more documents from me. So I had to call my school to ask for those papers. It took them a month to get everything done.The BON received it december. Then i emailed them to ask about the status of my application and they said that they sent me a letter last month, but I never received anything. Now I feel lost because I now have to somehow take up med-surgical and obstetric nursing again =/
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    Just received a letter from CaBON:Copy of your Clinical cases(scrubs for cord dressing,delivery assistance,major and minor cases)...Each applicant file is reviewed on its own merit and the documentation evaluated to determine that the information meets the minimum Board requirements that are found in California Code section 2736.
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    can i add you guys?i just received a letter from BRN after i passed those reqs listed above..guess what the letter says...good luck you guys if you can still make it
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    same here...good luck

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