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I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

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    Quote from kewlNursetobe
    Hi everybody,
    The last time I posted here was 2 months ago because after sending and waited (for 3 weeks) my re application and didn't receive any mail from BON I started to search and came across this thread. Upon reading I became worried, I even tried asking some of the members here for help. So my family just moved here in CA, and last week I decided to call BON to ask the status of my application and to my surprised that they told me " it was sent out last May 15" .. I asked them if they can send a copy to my new address but they told me to pay $30 just for the copy so I told them that I'll just register directly @ PEARSONVUE.

    2 days after that conversation I can't stop thinking "what if I paid PEARSON then found out that I'm not eligible?" So to have a peace of mind I called them again and thank GOD the operator was so nice and told me that she will just print and send it out. And now it's official.. I just got the copy of my eligibility

    I just want to share this to all of you my fellow Kababayans and wish everybody Goodluck and God Bless for whatever solutions you guys have esp for those who's application s denied by the BON.
    Very nice, was this for the NCLEX-RN or for the LVN exam? Best wishes in either testings!

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    we have same dilemma areesh23. im working out my docs for florida.
    english test is not required.
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    I didnt read the whole entire responses in this thread. But I'm thinking that you could've completed the requirements of the BON before applying for examination at PEARSONVUE.
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    you cant transfer your records agency to agency..they wont allow that for privancy purposes.
    i did tried that before fr BRN TO didnt work
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    very frustrating. i dunno what to do with life. we myt as well end up to CNA since LVN offer no work.
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    hi lloi! did u pay for CGFNS already? i thought florida requires TOEFL too? they didnt ask you to submit the english proficiency result? sorry for asking too much.. im deciding between florida and new jersey.. if TOEFL is not required in florida then it will cost me less compared to new jersey. thats why i was asking you this question...
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    In order to prevent any misleading information being posted it is best to contact the state you intend to apply to and voice out your concerns. Most states have a specific department to deal with inquiries you may have regarding the application process, requirements and anything in between. So, in short, do not assume a state will not consider you as an applicant unless you have heard directly from them stating otherwise.

    Also, money is important but it shouldn't prevent you from pursuing your dream. It is an investment for your future regardless how much you end up spending.

    Don't lose hope since all this will happen in God's time.
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    did you already start applying for florida exam? please let me know how you process your docs. thanks btw, have you tried applying here in CA?
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    Quote from lloi
    we have same dilemma areesh23. im working out my docs for florida.
    english test is not required.
    did you already start applying for the florida RN-NCLEX? please let me know how you process your docs. thanks btw, have you tried applyiing here in CA?
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    Hello, is there anybody here who got denied ny license of endorsement here in california? My license is from vermont, and I am planning to transfer from RN vermont to LVN california. is that possible? or I have to take the exam? I am planning just to take ADN in Cerritos College because thats what my analyst told me. The ADN offer here is 9weeks max. I still have to talk to the school. I already have my masters in medical-surgical in the phil, have my license in vermont but still got denied because of concurrency. And she told me, just to take ADN since I already finished my Masters.

    Any RN from other state to LVN cali here?


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