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CA BRN new requirements for NCLEX RN international students - page 4

I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

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    Thanks ginger's mom.. that info will help me.. hope i can get all this done and able to take the exam..
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    @jamalang : hello! any updates on your application? Did you get your eligibility already from CA BON? Thanks...
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    not yet.
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    Hi! I just got a letter from CA-BRN today telling me that i did not meet their minimum requirement for med-surg and OB nursing. I already passed the local nursing exam..I'm frustrated because some of my classmates have just breezed through their NCLEX application.What should i do?Everything that they asked from me and my school have already been submitted.
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    @daffodilove: that was frustrating to hear...I feel for you... It's really hard now applying nclex in CA. if u don't mind me asking what school did you graduated? tnx and good luck.
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    Hi daffodille,

    I got the same letter today. I felt devastated. What did you do after? Please help me. Thanks.
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    @iamfromstacatalina - i graduated from lanting college, allied course. how about you?
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    hi jamalang,

    got your att yet? pls update us so we will know what to do. enlighten us. thanks. anyone here from university of the cordilleras?
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    If you're from PH, not an immigrant, forget applying to CA. You're wasting your time. Better to just stay in the PH.
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    But a lot of them are green card holders. How can you just suggest they stay in the Philippines? This should be a lesson learned that if you're already a green card holder then just obtain your nursing degree in the US in order to avoid the long, stressful, justified, time consuming process.
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    Sorry greenjungle, I misread your post.
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    I'm a greencard holder. I just received the eligibilty to be an immigrant just after I graduated from college as a BSN. So I didn't have the option to study here in the US. I didn't know that there are other requirements for the re-application for NCLEX, no one knew because it is a new requirement from the BRN. It is also not posted anywhere in their website. You will just receive a letter after you reapply for the test,with the 150 reapplication fee which is nonrefundable, requiring such new requirements. For those who are not immigrants or green card holders, I admire you're perseverance in pursuing your nursing career here in US.

    PS.Please update us.thanks =)
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    some of the case here just received their immigrant status,approved petition from their parents or spouse as not all have the chance to study here inthe US..Sadly the new CABON law was implemented..