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I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

  1. by   anntweet
    Unfortunately, the boards also asked for my clinical cases. whew! and Oh my.. I've read a post from someone that got the same problem.. she already submitted all her requirements but the BRN replied that she's not eligible for the exam coz the clinical cases are not concurrent with the subjects and that she should have masterals for her to take the Nclex RN here.. this makes me so confused! the Boards are getting strict on the date. They dont know that its hard to have all those assist be completed on the time together with the subjects taken? that's why we have completions for us to complete all those 5 5 5 required assist. and Now, im afraid if that will happen to me too.. but I hope not!! What about you guys? did you submit your clinical cases already?? That's the one similar to the papers you submitted at the PRC. My school just got a photocopy of the papers i sent to the PRC and told me that theyre just going to send the photocopies to the BRN CA. Do they accept photocopies? Im prayin' that the Board of Nursing here in Cali will accept all our clinical cases regardless of the dates.
  2. by   anntweet
    roxygal_18, My Clinical Experience Record consist of the total numbers per week for all the Clinical duties you've had. I'm sure your school have a copy of it. and what about your clinical cases? do you have them to? That's the problem im really facing right now on Boards here in California.. even though i was eligible for the first exam.. they're still asking me an additional requirement. if CA don't accept.. then maybe we'll just end to take the Nclex-PN or just apply for other state.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. BRN CA makes me crazy!
  3. by   lllenjolll
    Hi. I have the same problem too.

    the bon requires me to submit my clinical cases.
    it is stated in my letter that my school need to submit even my student hand book.
    a long list of necessary documents was being requested to my school.
    and it took my school 3 months to gather all of it.
    yes, they are getting strict with the foreign applicants.

    and recently, I got a letter again from the BON that they needed my
    clinical rotation schedule for my cases. and additional transcript.
    I guess what they needed are copy of original PRC cases you submitted before NLE.

    I too is gettin frustrated right now. tsk.
  4. by   anntweet
    did they tell you that they need the student hand book too?? Oh my..
  5. by   stacey05
    hi when did you send out ur application?
  6. by   stacey05
    Quote from jamalang
    I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV?

    I received a letter from CA BON requesting for new requirements such as:
    -SS number
    -Local license in Philippines
    -copy of ur clinical rotation schedule for your cases: Assisted/Actual deliveries, cord dressing and major/minor surgeries
    -A complete school curriculum hundred pages or more sent directly from ur nursing school to the board. (the board doesn't accept the condensed version of the curriculum
    -a one page curriculum outline and academic calendar.

    fortunately I had the first 2 requirements but I am worried that the last 3 will take time to be accomplished.

    I am wondering if it's just me who have this requirements. Most of NCLEX passers I know weren't required on those listed above. It's really hard to focus on review while your thinking of this

    hi jamalang,

    Do u have any update on your application?please let me know i don't actually know where to start i have my cases on hand but i dont know if i should send this or i should ask my school to send me an rle summary

  7. by   brooklyn03
    Hi guys, here is an update on my application

    I sent my OR & DR cases (with signatures of CI, clinical coordinator, chief nurse and dean) to CA BRN, copy of SScard & copy of local license.

    About the other requirements, my school directly sent a copy of
    -school curriculum (1st-4th year)
    -clinical rotation schedule (list of hospitals, dates and CI)
    -academic calendar
    -answered General Nursing Program Overview questionnaire (42 questions provided by CA BRN)

    and those were my final requirements. I'm sorry to say that I'm still waiting for my ATT. I believe that CA BRN received those last November 21, 2011 and that made me waiting for almost 3 weeks since they received those. I am still hoping that i can take my exam before the year ends.

    Good luck to us guys. I'll give an update when i get mine
  8. by   lllenjolll
    yes. student handbook as well. it took my school months to produce that.

    almost all the items jamalang has was also been asked on my previous letter.

    it's kinda frustrating cause at the end of those list is a reminder that we only got a year to gather those data. and WE ALL KNOW that it will take months for some documents to get done.
  9. by   roxygal_18
    hi anntweet, happy new year! lol, hows your application? anyways im still trying to retrieve those documents, , with the clinical experience record im sure my school has it but with the cases i dont know, why dont you ask your school to send a copy of the schedule for your completion so they wont question your clinical cases, anyways a friend of mine she was able to comply with all the documents but they sent her a letter saying, she didnt meet the minimum requirements for med-surg&OB in theory and clinical and must take additional classes for that, do you know anyone that has the same problem? this is so frustrating they should include that on their initial requirements so it wont be such a waste of effort and money.
  10. by   ceridwyn
    Nursing curriculum is developed in most western countries, to give education to nurses that reflects that country's health values, culture and professionalism.

    When you apply to a foreign country you will be assessed against their nursing curriculum and what is expected in rotations,concurrent to their nursing students, it is the regulations and this is what the universities must abide by when changing curriculum, rehashing subjects, school entry requirements are all based on what expected by the regulations of the nursing board.

    At no time should it be expected that the applicants chosen country's, Nurses board know of the international applicants nursing curriculum nor of their schools curriculum, nor of their culture or health values of the applicants country unless there are reciprocal agreements in place.

    If local applicants are expected to do theory and placement at the same time, then they will expect this of international applicants it is the rule of curriculum development/maintain.

    It is unfortunate that nursing applicants in some countries cannot be provided the same time clinical placement, but this is not the problem of the assessing country, they need to keep to uphold the regulations of curriculum that the local nursing schools abide by.

    California is now assessing international applicants against what is expected of local nursing students, which any country/state should be doing in respect to their own nursing education to local nurses and to the community that the nursing board serves.
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  11. by   melai12
    how many cases do we need to send them?? iis it 5 cases for minor then major also 5 and the rest??
  12. by   Ginger's Mom
    It is not how many cases performed but the timing of the cases in relation to your theory. For example if you did your surgical rotation during your OB class the clinical don't count.

    This issue has been a hot topic in the US for years, many times student pass clinical but fail theory. Since the board requirement is that the theory and clinical need to be taken at the same time the student has to repeat the theory and clinical.

    At some point if this trend continues of the state board making foreign graduates accountable for same educational standards, they will look at the qualifications of the clinical instructor, the numbers of students assigned to the clinical group, and that the student is assigned one or two patients ( not shared with another student).

    Last going to another state and planning to endorse may not work since your education will be re evaluated.
  13. by   melai12
    Thanks ginger's mom.. that info will help me.. hope i can get all this done and able to take the exam..