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i was eligible to sit for the nclex for California. wow.. so i took my exam this september, went the distance all 265 questions. unfortunately i didnt pass. got my results and "near passing standard" all across the board. so... Read More

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    Hi... Can you keep up posted about your application for NCLEX-RN after submitting your explanation letter to the CABON. Thanks.

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    Quote from belagee12
    /just in case anyone is wondering, my friend is from the same school, same batch, heck we even we're in the section for a year and i was sitting next to her in the hospital when we had our clinicals
    and i'm pretty sure she didn't have all her cases completed concurrently with her theoretical classes, because i can recall her asking if anyone had an extra OR case when everyone was scrambling around for completion because graduation time was getting nearer

    Hi... Can you keep up posted about your application for NCLEX-RN after submitting your letter of explanation to CABON. Thanks
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    Quote from chubbycheng
    @bsnwnab: what can you recommend?how much would be the price and how long will it be compared to the CGFNS?
    NM gives 4 choices where u want to evalute ur transcript. ERES has a rush service for additional $85 it becomes only 5 days, then they will send to NM board. NM keeps updating you when they receive ur application and then transcript. For one person i know, after the board received the transcript it was only two weeks till he got ATT. Then after passing the exam, the same day he got the result, while another person waited 2 weeks for result.If u plan to endorse to other states, many will require cgfns ces. Might as well do that so you dont have to do it twice and spend money twice. Heard cgfns ces they take 4 months to evaluate.
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    Quote from bsnwnab
    I don't think the explanation matters to them. The point is that in Title 16 of the BRN rules and regulation, the lecture and clinical must be concurrent. No exceptions. It is the REQUIREMENT! Therefore if your school admitted u did not take them concurrently, it was admitted in writing that you did not fulfill the requirement under Title 16. Theres just no way around it.
    Yea, bsnwnab has it right, my friend tried the letter of explanation and CA BON stuck to their original decision. She just got the second but same rejection letter yesterday.
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    Quote from melai12
    hello guys.. just got a letter from BVNPT about my application to take LVN exam.. been 3 mos of waiting. and guess what?? they are asking me my GED or high school diploma and a form to be fill up its a DECLARATION OF NURSING EDUCATION AND/OR LICENSURE... if anyone receive the same letter pls help me to fill this up.. there are questions here about completion of clinical duty hours.. geezzz all copies are in the BRN and i ask them to send a copy to BVNPT and now they are asking me to fill this up??? pls anyone?????
    Hi melai12, my wife is exactly in the same situation you are in right now just that you are two months ahead of her. We submitted her application a month ago.

    That is surprising why they need that DECLARATION OF NURSING EDUCATION AND/OR LICENSURE form to filled out when in fact we already submitted documents very closely related to that when we applied for the RN NCLEX exam. Secondly, I could not find that form in the application guide (pdf file) they provided online so meaning those are additional requirements aside from what they asking initially. I hope they are not becoming like CA BON and be very technical of their rules.

    I'm assuming you chose method 3 when applying right? We chose that method too and skipped all the forms from that part thinking the files we have with CA BON is more than enough from what their asking. Which forms did you fill out under method 3? If you have any updates regarding your situation I would greatly appreciate it if you will post it here as I will update you on our situation as well.

    After I read your post here, I decided to process my wife's high school diploma from the Philippines but could not take care of the form because I do not have the form itself with me. Can I find it online?

    Any information is very much appreciated melai12. Thank You Very Much! God Bless!
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    Guys, maybe direct your questions to kayakoto, she's the only one so far to have gotten her LVN appplication approved, good going, girl!

    Here's her posting:
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    I just want to point some issues here regarding to some of you guys applying for BVNPT licensure exam.

    1)first thing is we got denied from CABON for licensure because of concurrency issue, so some of us requested our documents to be transferred to BVNPT right?,the thing is even if the CABON transferred our documents it doesnt necessarily mean that we will be given automatic approval from BVNPT without requesting additional requirements from us for they have their own forms to be filled up.

    Maybe I just got lucky they didnt ask any additional forms from me to be filled up because maybe I guess:

    1)I didnt asked CABON to transfer my document or whatever we call it.
    2)I filled up all the needed forms that are needed by BVNPT not just their application form.
    3)and I think the most important form is the RECORD of NURING PROGRAM.That is the form that our school need to fill up and be submitted to BVNPT,and for what I see it is the DECLARATION of NURSING EDUCATION/and or LICENSURE(but not really sure).
    4)we also need to show our 54 hours of pharmacology,that is included in the RECORD of NURSING PROGRAM so no worry about it for our school will know what to do with it.

    Sorry for I havent opening my account for days for Im reviewing already for the exam.Ill just update you guys soon kababayan after I take the test.Wish you all guys goodluck and I know we will all succeed in our chosen career.
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    Good day! I am a filipino who failed the nclex in california 6 years ago, i did not have a SSN back then. Will i able to retake even if I still don't have SSN?
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    CA now require a US SSN even for resitting the exam
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    Hello guys... I already filled up the declaration form bvnpt are asking, I asked some friends whom I meet in this forum via chat and they been helpfull I gathered all infos and I emailed also the staff at bvnpt about the said form.. I can't find the form either at the site.. P.m me I have it scanned.. I haven't send it yet still waiting for my HS diploma.. So a friend told me that he got his ATT after sending back the declaration form( he went personally to sacramento) the staff emphasize the question #4 she said that's that most important And others answer on the best of ur ability. Hopefully it turns well.. I read that some applicants got denied for lvn exam.. That makes me feel so worried...

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