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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a... Read More

  1. by   belle_v2g
    Quote from myzz_kartheiser
    hi there, how much is the payment for requesting Certificate of Good standing from PRC ? thanks!!
    P75.00 only

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  2. by   einalem29
    Hello guys!

    I am for IHNA Perth, March intake. Do I still need a meninggo vaccine? In the vaccination form it says : Meningococcal vaccine (for Nurse West Agency nurses only).. Im just confused. Thanks
  3. by   qymburlee
    anybody here for CON or Australian College of Nursing April 2013 intake?
  4. by   einalem29
    hi qymburlee! my friend is for ACN April 2013.. how is their accreditation status?
  5. by   nurseJanelly
    Hi everyone! I really hope that someone can help with my questions. I got my LOE last november and I just got off from a long 'decision-making' on whether to push through with this or not. Anyhow, im beginning to look into ACN, I got a look at their website and here are my questions:
    1. how much is the application fee? (the total cost is $10,000, but how about the application fee?)
    2. if i apply via e-mail, would it be okay if i send the scanned original documents or should i rather scan certified true copies?
    3. do i need the immunization? and if i do, how did you guys do it?? i mean, the im asking the doctors about the certification of 'immunization' and they've no idea how to format the certification.
    4. for the criminal record, is the NBI clearance good enough?

    thank you so much! I've bookmarked this article and I'm really hoping someone can help!
  6. by   ncx23xcn
    [/QUOTE] Hi there ncx23xcn!
    I believe you need to have your IELTS requirement first. I was advised to by IDP to have this ready so that I can lodge my application to AHPRA. Hope we can help each other out, it seems like we're on the same boat

    GOD bless us all!


    Hi lil_lilo! Thank for placing your input in our small discussion here. Yeah, sounds like a great idea..let's help each other out. So, where do you plan to lodge in your application, i mean..what schools? also, have you done your IELTS and AHPRA papers already? godbless!
  7. by   ncx23xcn
    Quote from Soulkisser
    Hello there ncx23xcn! I've been assisted by my agency all throughout the application process. I just sent in all the documents they needed and they did most of the work. Yup, you should take IELTS first before anythin' else; it's one of the requirements I believe.

    I'm actually from Mindanao (Surigao del Sur). But I studied in Cebu. After passing the board exam, I went back to my hometown and worked as a staff nurse in our provincial hospital. I am currently working as a medical records retrieval technician here in Cebu so I kind of spent the last 10 years of my life in the city. Have you been here?

    Anyway, I suggest you start working on your application. I've heard Australia is very much open to hiring overseas nurses and that they're not very "strict" with the application. Feel free to ask questions. I will try my very best to answer them.

    By the way, I just got accepted at IHNA and I'm just waiting for the offer letter. God bless to all of us!
    I'm currently reviewing for my IELTS exam but the slots are tight. All that they have now is a slot on March and April exams. How did your IELTS exam went before? Did you attend a review center for it?

    Really? Nice. Yup, I've been to Cebu almost every summer of my childhood years. The place is great. Our place is at the city enter in Mabolo so the feel is kindof Manila-ish but with less pollution.

    So what i'm planning to do is to get over and done with the IELTS thing and then after which I'd start processing my APHRA. An IDP Consultant said that before seeking their services, I should already have my APHRA letter that's kindof still is the problem.
  8. by   mistirdonat
    What university in Melbourne would you suggest for the bridging program?
  9. by   kronick
    The slots for La Trobe for June 2013 intake is already filled. What are my other options?
  10. by   kronick
    Does anyone know if Deakin intake on May 2013 is still available?
  11. by   yaoming
    Quote from kronick
    Does anyone know if Deakin intake on May 2013 is still available?

    hi! I have applied last december and still no news from the school.
  12. by   PRINCESAH
    Hi! I have lodged my application in Deakin, Ballarat University and ACFE last week, but still no response yet. I tried applying in IHNA today, and did not take the interview yet.

    Does anyone here have already taken the interview? Is it through skype? What are the sample questions they asked?

    I think I have to prepare first before taking it. I hope anyone could help me. Thanks =)
  13. by   PRINCESAH
    hi Soulkisser!

    I have read your prevoius comments and I hope you could give me some advice on how to pass my interview in INHA. =)

    God bless. =) thank you in advance