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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a... Read More

  1. by   aiashtia
    Now, I feel sorry for deciding to quit on my volunteer nursing in my town. I had the wrong idea that I would go back to first year nursing when i go there.

    I was thinking that my Nursing education in the Philippines will not be recognized since Australian standards are different from our country's. Gaaah. If not because of this forum which helped me stumbled through a lot of threads (REALLY LOTS), I would not have known about bridging programs, diploma, certificate, entry to RN Div1, etc.

    Really learned a lot here.
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  2. by   bobby123
    Quote from aiashtia
    Hi bobby123! Thanks a lot for responding to my question. I really appreciate it It just feels somewhat comforting seeing someone who knows these stuffs share it to me.

    Anyways, no dates yet. Still waiting for the embassy to respond to our visa under subclass 457.

    Yes, I know about the IELTS score. Thanks still for that. I have read some threads here and i'm having a headache already. Too many information. Whoo. And some are really just hard to digest especially for someone like me fresh from the water.

    I have read AHRPA is in Melbourne. That's really far from perth, right? And dad can't drop all those papers there since he has work.

    If it wouldn't be much of an annoyance, I hope you could share to me where can i exactly find in AHRPA their requirements for overseas nurses (i have zero experience). Thank you. I'll do the researching and reading tomorrow again. I just find these things hard to understand.
    You don't need your dad to submit the paperwork to AHPRA. You should be able to submit the forms without disturbing your dad. You can apply at any of their offices. Here's the link

    Use AGOS-40. You'll also find your requirements there.
  3. by   sse.cmc05
    thanku for reply to ma post..
    i do hav a 7 in all modules..rite nw i'm not workin(its been less than month though)..will tat be a prob?
    i hav downloaded the application form.nw i need the necessary documents to support.
    any idea hw long does the whole process take? and aso can i apply myself or is it necessary tat i should approach an agent?
  4. by   ceridwyn
    Yes, approach an agent to do all your research and applications, you will need it!
  5. by   bobby123
    To sse.cmc05,

    And you got 8 (your previous post) or 7 in IELTS?! Where did you take your IELTS?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Also we ask that text talk isn't used on the forums, this is a great time to practice you writing in clear English so everyone can understand
  7. by   sse.cmc05
    i have an overall 8 individual Reading 8.5,Listening 8.5,Writing 7.5,Speaking 7.5...thats 8 in all.
    i gave my test in india.
  8. by   wielou3kids
    Got the approval from AHPRA recently.
    They still require IELTS score 7.0 in all categories & atleast 6mos work experience (volunteer is accepted).
    I lodged my application about a year ago in Melbourne.
    Too sad it took so long to get their approval despite submitting everything on time.
    But I'm glad for the positive result (after a year, huh!).
    I've heard that Queensland gives the fastest feedback (about 3 mos).
  9. by   sse.cmc05
    1 year...oh my God!!did you submit your application to territory address?maybe i should try Queensland too..i'm applying from India .hope i can apply to Queensland office.. i'm concerned about the expiry of my IELTS test results.
  10. by   sse.cmc05
    suppose i apply at Queensland office...then, am i eligible to work in any state of preference in Australia?
  11. by   wielou3kids
    Yes, it took a year for my application to get the approval. There were no questions nor additional requirements requested from me. It just took so long. According to my agent, a lot of applicants were already complaining about the way they handle the applications. Some case managers took a leave, some resigned.... The case manager handling my application resigned, leaving my papers steady for quite sometime. I had to wait for another manager to handle my application (and that took months!)

    Once you get the approval from AHPRA (any state), you can choose a state where you want to take your Bridging Course. If you pass the program, you can work any where in Australia.

    Do you have relatives in Australia? They can be of big help in lodging your application. Agents are also helpful. My agent is based in Australia. We just communicate through skype.
  12. by   sse.cmc05
    no i don't have any relative there..but i do have known friends..
    by what you have said i guess i better apply to Queensland office.
    did you do your bridging program?and for this ...did you approach an agent or is it self research?
    currently i stay in Dubai..and here we do not have agents who deal with bridging programs and registration like in India
    anyways thank you soo much
  13. by   jenxx
    Quote from jayvincible
    hi, i am new here.. I already have my eligibility letter from ahpra and already sent an application for bridging program in IHNA/VCHN. They replied and asked for IELTS and recommend to enroll in their online course which is Introduction of Bridging Course Program. My concern is: Is it a trend nowadays to apply for a preparatory course like I mentioned for a nurse to qualify to a Bridging Course Program?
    hi jayvincible! congratulations! i'm interested to become a registered nurse in australia too. can u please help me? can u tell me what are the requirements you passed to ahpra? did u also have a work experience? i hope ull reply to me. i just passed the july 2011 nle. thank you very much!