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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a... Read More

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    @aldenbparedes wow! Did you send it to AHPRA Victoria?
    South Australia
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    Hi, funnybanana1989. I want to ask about the application process in ACN? Do they have a non-refundable application fee? Or are there fees even before you get accepted? Thank you in advance!
    Hi funybanana may I ask for ur email or facebook acct? I have querries abt visa sub 600. If u dont mind heres my email add thnx in advance.
  3. by   cynthia santos
    hi i already got my registration here in Aus. im hunting for a job now. i did my IRON at IHNA melbourne. its better to look at gumtree for accomodation- cheaper!!
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    hello. 1.8 yrs in phil and 4 yrs overseas. i applied each and every hospital i found in,, and i registered in every clusters of hospitals i found on those websites. just be patient and pray hard. nothing is simple really in looking for sponsorships.. all the best of luck
    how long did you wait until you got a sponsored job? thanks im doing my hunting until now.
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    how long did you wait until you got a sponsored job? thanks im doing my hunting until now.

    Quite a long way to go!
  6. by   d0ta
    Hello everyone!

    I have some concerns regarding bridging course. I'm a registered nurse with more than 2 years experience in the community and I plan to enroll in
    [FONT=lucida grande]Certificate III Aged Care
    before taking Bridging course. Can I proceed and enroll in Bridging course or Master after I'm done with
    [FONT=lucida grande]Certificate III Aged Care?
  7. by   ceridwyn
    Why do aged care certificates when you have RN qualifications? Yes, you can do bridging program after doing TAFE if DIAC give you student visa for this, but you will still need the okay from AHPRA unless you do a conversion course from a university.
    You will not qualify for the 2 year graduate visa doing the cert in aged care first.
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    Quote from pogzRN
    Quite a long way to go!
    WHere did you look for a job? all web applications? 6-12mos waiting?
  9. by   d0ta
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    Why do aged care certificates when you have RN qualifications?
    I didn't make it in IELTS exam. My plan is that if I'm in Australia studying for a year with Certificate III then, there would be a possibility that my english will improve since majority of them speak english and I would learn a lot about Australian culture. Thank you for the reply.
  10. by   ceridwyn
    This is a mistake if you think your English will improve. Many have fallen before you including those who attend 2 year university courses in the hope of improving English. You need to attend English courses.

    .Most of the other students in cert 3 aged care courses especially in the cities, have been organised by agencies overseas with the same an aged care course, get into Australia first, your english will improve..blah..blah...all lies, then do bridging course yet and all of your class mates, will not be English first language speakers and most of the time the tutors are just ring in for a few hours that just let poor English slide as it is easier to get through the curriculum.

    Meanwhile you have spent thousands of dollars living and for the course, for one year, one you could have done an english course in 3-4 months, past ielts or OET applied to AHPRA have the Loe and conpleted a bridiging course in the time and for the same money that you have spent on aged care course and living expenses.

    You will gravitate to fellow countrymen for support and homesickness and therefore will not be speaking Australian English it's only natural..Do a proper English course first at a recognised facility.

    There is also indications the AHPRA are going to lower the standard of english at the moment to getting 7 in IELTS in several sittings.....
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    Hi to all! kristine25 and Jackelyne RN. I am also for IHNA Melbourne 14 Feb intake to 21 Apr 2014. Currently, I am waiting for the result of evaluation of my requirements for my clinical placement; hopefully I will declared as full compliance. I passed my requirementd on the night of 2 Jan 2014. How long does it usually take for IHNA-Melbourne to evaluate completeness for clinical placement requirements? and any tips as to where I can safely browse travel guide for entering Australia or laws regarding what is safe to bring into Australia? I browse, I'm confused as to what keyword I will use for searching.
  12. by   clareee
    hi, anybody for Unisa ARNTP March 2014 intake?
  13. by   pogs2005
    Happy New Year Everyone!

    It was been a while since I got my membership in this page/group. Few years back I was actively doing research on Bridging Program but due to my Canada dream I got idle, moving forward, here I am again starting digging information that could be of help for my plan. Honestly, I got confuse with abbreviations (imagine how many months I was idle with Australia's BP).

    I work for 2 years in Primary Health Care (PHC) in UAE, right now I am in the Philippines (got home on 2nd of December 2013) and waiting for orientation for PHC-Philippines. So clearly stated, my experience is Primary Health Care which is giving me a basket full of doubts and low self esteem comparing with your experiences.

    To add flavor on my credentials, I am taking my masters degree and soon to be completing (hope so).

    Having said that, my questions are:
    1. PHC experience would be fine during Job Hunting in Australia after completing BP? Is my MSN (if ever) will help me to land a job somehow?
    2. How much money should I have to prepare (estimate) would be highly appreciated. I will turnover my house to the developer tomorrow to save more money, I hope you guys understand why this #2 question is here lol
    3. is my email, please I need a person soon to be friend who is taking the same path as what we are doing.

    I think this is my maiden post or comment, I am hoping for flood of messages from you fellows. TIA and God bless
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