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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a registered nurse there. I need... Read More

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    helo everyone..
    i would like to know if anyone here is still looking for a school where to enrol for his/her BP in Au for 2013 intakes? coz i am right now and i havn't found one yet. it would be grateful to know one whom i could exchange infos with.

    Tnx so much!

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    hi gagamgurl!

    when did you enroll in IHNA perth? how much is the tuition fee? and are the 2013 intakes are ANMAC approved already?

    Tnx for your reply
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    hey jap_617,

    I just got my approval from AHPRA and I'm still looking for schools. NSW is my first choice but I'm planning to apply in Melbourne anyway just to be safe. You??

    How worse is the situation to secure an offer of place in AU? Is it just as worse as NZ, because I wasn't able to go ahead with my CAP in NZ because of this.=c
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    hi pogzRN!

    me too! im considering melbourne since most of the accredited schools are in there.. I am interested of IHNA and University of Ballarat. How about you? what school are you planning to get enroll with?

    As what i have heard, its not easy to get shortlisted because there are many enrolees and the schools limit the number of their students per batch of intakes.
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    I see. Yeah, I'm considering Ballarat and EETEA as well. I don't think I could make it to IHNA as I only have a 15 months of hosp experience to back me up. Have you applied to any schools already??

    I still have to take IELTS again next week as my first one already expired. So, I would probably start handing in my applications by November.

    I just hope I can secure an offer of place by the end of this year,
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    oh.. i thought we can enroll together. (sigh!)

    i hope that i may be able to send my papers by next wk coz right now, im still surfing the net about these schools..i dont want to regret in the end, just in case..

    good luck on your IELTS exam
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    well, I would suggest you better hurry up then. As what I've read from some of the posts, schools haven't gotten back from their applications yet for months.

    I don't even want to be hasty but I think everything has its own time, it'll all just fall into its place.=)

    Do keep in touch and let me know any updates.=)
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    Yes pogzRn, you're right. That's what makes me panicky this time. hope i will make it before the deadline of submission..
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    anyone of you who will be doing the IRON at UB/AAON this dec?
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    hi bigbrowneyes!

    I am very interested to study at UB/AAoN hoping to get short listed next year.. my latest date of enrollment is by June 2013 coz my LOE expires on Oct. 2013 and my time is running.
    PLEASE help me coz as of now im preparing the requirements to get enrolled. What are the documents you attached in the your application form? are they certified by the notary public or any Atty. available?
    moreover, could you please state the procedures you did..

    Thanks much bigbrowneyes!

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