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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a registered nurse there. I need... Read More

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    Quote from sephine

    Hi.. Try to search on this thread.. You'll see the answers from previous posts. They ask practical nursing questions/computations. Lots of information here. Just do some browsing
    I did go all the way back to page1 and only found 1 about what i was looking for. But i did learn a few more details on other schools. Annie's journey is inspiring. And true enough...there are some pretty negative and discouraging posts and responses here. Its good that there Are some "devil's advocates" it keeps others stay positive. Those who back out because of negativitt...well, they may get stuck with the "what if".

    Good luck to all of us. Prayers do help.
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    Quote from annie_v2g

    It's a pre requisite to ihna's initial registration course for nurses. Upon finishing the online course, you'd be able to attend the bridging program offered by ihna.
    Hi annie! I went all the way to page1 looking for answers... i LOVED a particular response you had to one post. I know you know which one. anyways, im glad the BP did well for you. I hope and pray that it also goes the same for the rest of us.
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    Quote from xanxan
    Thanks k8lyn! i am looking forward to ACN for October. Alpine Health/Lonsdale has a November intake too . I am just waiting for my AFP check certificate now.its taken almost 3weeks since they said they have mailed it. Thanks again.
    When did you apply for the AFP check? As far as I know this is a new requirement from ACN. I completed the application last April 23 and hopefully I will receive it before leaving on the 24th. All the best on your application!
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    Quote from k8lyn

    When did you apply for the AFP check? As far as I know this is a new requirement from ACN. I completed the application last April 23 and hopefully I will receive it before leaving on the 24th. All the best on your application!
    I sent my afp check application last april 15.they responded april 16. I still have not received it. They do not email you a copy. I did a follow-up and they responded that they will dispatch me a another one today, May 7. I hope i get it soon. Its the only one missing from my ACN application.
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    Hi Everyone,

    It's so good to read that there is a post like this for someone like me who is also undertaking the process of applying for a BP in Australia. I have 2 schools awaiting confirmation with IHNA being the latest who reconsidered my application just the other week. However I am currently submitting some requirements which where different with what I submitted with the others. CON was initially the only school I was hoping for since the others were already filled or I was not able to meet their criteria. However, what's delaying me with CON is the AFP Police check requirement and it's almost 3 weeks already here at my end that I haven't received it. I called AFP up but all they can do is resend again. Unfortunately it is by post so I presume it will be much longer as compared to courier if it were the case. Anyhow, I am getting worried because my expiry is only for a year and I only have 7 months to go. I haven't gotten a school yet. Did anyone here received their AFP certificate and if so, how long did it take? I know at this point as much as possible we need to choose any school that comes first because of the slots being filled up fast. But do you happen to have any idea of the comparison between IHNA and CON? Thanks so much. Your advice will help me a lot.
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    Hi K8lyn,

    I'm sorry I cannot reply to your private message because I got a notification saying I can't since I'm new here. Anyways, I applied April 11, got my notification that it was finished by April 17 but up to now I haven't gotten it yet. I emailed them and they said it can take up to 10 working days for it to be received in the Philippines however it's been more than that already here at my end so I called them up. They told me that they will just have to resend it once again.
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    June 21 IHNA Melb here... Who among you are of the the same batch?
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    Wow good for you markgian...hope I can have a slot too whichever school now between IHNA and ACN...
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    hi to all!! would like to ask if is it necessary to secure an insurance when applying for a visa 600? thank you
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    @ evan 10, i would strongly suggest to apply AFP police check through online application form, in my case, i have applied twice through courier and sadly, they had not receive it, so i tried the online application form, after filling up the form including the payment details, and for only 6 days, the police check had been released. currently, i am on their selection list for july intake at ACN/CON, the selection list will not happen until towards the end of may though.

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