Are Secondary School/High School transcripts needed for CES Report?

  1. 0 Hi! I'm a foreign educated nurse planning to take the NCLEX. I have already applied online for a Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Report and have read the requirements for the CES and I would just want to clarify this requirement: "Documentation of your secondary school education". Does it mean CGFNS would still require transcripts from my secondary school/high school, aside from the diploma? And if so, could I just request the transcripts from my secondary school and I would be the one to send it to CGFNS? Thanks..
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    Hi, I didn't need anything from my high school because I graduated from a HS here in the USA, but I have two friends that the cgfns asked for transcript
    And diploma of high school, preferably done In English and sent by the school with official stamp.good luck.
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    As far as I can remember, I just sent a photocopy of my highschool diploma.
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    Moved to Nurse Registration Forum in the World Nursing section as this is not related to NCLEX prep. Secondary school refers to high school transcripts/diploma. All documents must be sent from the source (school) directly to CGFNS or at minimum in a officially sealed envelope. Student issued transcripts are not considered. good luck, there are several states that require verification of secondary education as part of the process of determining eligibility for licensing as a nurse.
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    I think a lot depends how long ago you left school. I was over 10 years and nothing was asked from me in regards secondary certificates
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    hi I am educated in the UK I had to go through the whole process of having my transcripts evaluated here in the USA. I used ERES evaluation service and they broke down all my hours reractical and theoretical hours and sent my report to the florida board of nursing. I didn't send in a secondary school diploma(don't remember doing so) anyway once that is all done then the board will write to say if you can sit the exam or not. I just got through to sit the nclex and currently studying. hope this helped
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    The only documents to process a CES report from CGFNS is your transcripts and diploma/license(depends on what state you apply to some states just require transcripts and no diploma or license at all.) CGFNS also probably needs papers that prove the hours of clinicals, subj, etc. Such as clinical summary with hours, course description per subj, and so on.
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    I had my CES evaluation in July 2012. I just sent a photocopy of my HS diploma to CGFNS. I mailed it myself, not from my HS school.
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    Thank you for all the replies..really helped

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