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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   sabuRiNa
    Guys, where do you plan to take Norwegian Language class? I was able to attend sample orientation from a school in Ortigas. You might want to take the class there. Just tell me who is interested. I will take my class there after sending my application to SAK. I am planning to send my application once I have the money on my hand. Do you also know where I can notarized my papers? the cheap one? THANKS!
  2. by   mjmj
    Hello. Im actually done with my visa application. i applied for the residencw permit to study norwegian language. It's still being processed though. I applied last april 2. It has been 3months already. Anyone here who applied before me?. Do u have your visa already?..thanks..f
  3. by   mitchayganda
    Quote from sab-burgs
    @mitchay are you aware with the cons of applying the SAK when you are already in Norway? As far the concern, it might take you months before you have the authorization. It might extend until your visa will expire (just from the experience I read from the previous post). The study plan, you can as chineemarie about it. She was the one who gave me that. where do you plan to study there? By the way, aren't you going to study Norwegian language here prior going to Norway?
    hi, I dont think getting a SAK at this point is practical since im not sure if my student visa will be approved,as I have heard, they already change their policy, you would have to study additional education to practice Nursing and they require you to have trainings in Norway first I think for a year.Its actually in benefit for RN like me who was not given a chance to practice esp for graduates here from the PHils where there was a massive production of nurses.getting a SAK is having authorization to practice, but how will I practice If I would have to study again for at least the next 2 years.Im planning to study again right after I pass the Bergens test for them to recognize my education here in the Phils then have my training and hopefully land a job if I'll be lucky.Im already enrolled at Kvinnheard school i'm really hoping for the best
  4. by   mitchayganda
    it doesnt really look like an interview, you will be talking to a Filipino in Tagalog and she will just ask you things that they see on your application, like how will you manage to live and support yourself,if you have relatives in Norway and how did you have your "showmoney",interviewers are not accomodating
  5. by   mitchayganda
    @mjmj awww so it will really take that long the interviewer said its more or less 4 months, my aunt was interviewed the same day I was and she got her tourist visa 2 days after ,
    i really envy her
  6. by   gemsky
    To: sub-urgs, as to your query on how much did I pay on my SAK application, it depends on the exchange rate of dollar on the day you pay and send your payment. I paid 273 US dollars plus bank charges (roughly Php 13,000). Notary Public charge differently, others may charge you per page /document while others charge collectively. I actually inquired from at least 3 notary publics to compare their charges because it's quiet expensive most especially if you have lot of documents to be notarized/ authenticated. Fortunately, the attorney / lawyer was kind and considerate enough to charge me Php 450.00 for all my documents (TOR, RLE, diploma, certificates etc).

    To: mjmj, i filed my application last May and until now there's no result / feedback yet. I read from the Norwegian embassy website which they last updated sometime last June 24 or 26 that the processing time for residence permit to learn the Norwegian language takes longer than before, its says that it will take about 5 months now specifically for applicants from the Philippines.
  7. by   mjmj
    @mitcahyganda: you know what, when i applied, the interviewr said that the processing time for my application is 2months or less. I guess im affected with the change in policy. Hahays lucky me.

    @gemsky: i guess we really have to wait longer. I really thought that it would just take two months of processing. Just ask for updates on your visa application to the embassy. I did that many times already. Who knows?! Hehe *fingerscrossed.
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  8. by   sabuRiNa
    @gemsky, thanks for the reply. I guess the amount that I knew is not far from the one you paid. Hmm, for the notarization, I guess if the pages are more than 10 i guess 450php is fine already. Anyway, I got a little confuse on how will I do the processing. As mitchayganda's processing, she didn't process the SAK authorization yet. She said she will be processing it in Norway. What's your comment about that processing? I seem it fair as well. By the way, you will get the VISA once you have the SAK's authorization, am I right? And for the language school, do you have already the prospect school?

    @gemsky, Have you processed the SAK's Authorization already? Or are you planning to process it when you are already there?

    @mitchayganda, how much is the tuition fee in the school you will be studying? Yes, I have an idea regarding the additional study in Nursing but i think (from what I have read) it will just take less than a year. For the SAK's authorization, i think (correct me if am wrong) it will enable you to work as an Auxiliary Nurse while studying the language. You can work while studying as far as I know. Anyway, it will be easier for you as you have a relative there.
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  9. by   sabuRiNa
    Sorry, Not necessarily as an Auxiliary Nurse. But you can also have authorization as Health Care worker. Anyway, I guess I need to read more stuffs. I haven't read all the info yet because I am a little busy for my upcoming exam. Good luck anyway to all of us! Let us just keep updated here so we can help each other
  10. by   nursefromuae
    hi im a newbie here...currently working in abu habi as a nurse. i am much interested to work in norway as a nurse. kindly advise me to what to do first.Regarding SAFH can I apply as nurse there?will it be possible or a difficult way? please help....
  11. by   sabuRiNa
    Do some back read. Read from the first post so you will have an idea. For my experience, reading is helpful to answer some questions.. also visit SAK.NO to know the rules and regulations. I am still confuse with the whole thing. Anyway, the application is not that hard *i think* but the issue here is the expenses and your capacity to learn Norwegian.
  12. by   mitchayganda
    lets not lose hope , good things come to those who wait
  13. by   Karlito RN
    @mitchayganda really 4months ( i was scheduled for an interview this coming tuesday..