Any nurses from Europe?

  1. Hi there!

    I was just wondering if there were any nurses from Europe out there and if so, if you wanted to share you experience on how the paper work went? Have any of you moved to NYC?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  3. by   loriangel14
    Where are you living now?
  4. by   Opto
    I live in Belgium. I would like to know if there are any other nurses from Belgium, France or the UK that have used the services if the CGFNS. Are the studies easily recognized by the CGFNS? I'd love to hear how the process is going for other people. Thanks.
  5. by   Gem1210390
    I am a uk nurse I am licensed through the state if Vermont. I took and passed the nclex requirement in 2009 in London. I am just going through the process of getting my visa screen but the nmc are holding this up because they have not completed the paper work correctly.
  6. by   Opto
    Hi Gem, Wow, are you saying that it would take 5 years to process the information? Did you have to take any additional courses or were you recognized as a equivalent of an RN automatically? Is the CGFNS the same as the NCLEX or do you have to pass both exams? I guess I am just a beginner in the domain so any info is surely helpful (or stressful). Thanks!
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    CGFNS offer various services. Regardless if you took their exam (CP) you would still have to take and pass NCLEX to be able to work as a RN in the US.

    CVS with CGFNS which is a requirements for NY BON takes approx 6 months as CGFNS has to do all the running in regards getting your paperwork. They will send on to NY BON once complete or 6 months has passed. The BON takes approx 1-2 months to make their decision to whether allow you to sit NCLEX or not. Then depending on place of birth the process for immigration once you have found a employer can vary from 3 to 10 years depending on current US visa bulletin.

    Also check out the NY state under the US tab and you will see many US nurses struggling for work as many hospitals are closing
  8. by   Opto
    Hello, Is it possible to skip the CGFNS exam and only do the NCLEX? I guess I will have to ask them directly. Hospitals are closing? May I ask why?
  9. by   Gem1210390
    Yes you don't have to do the cgfns exam. You need to do the nclex as part of the licensing process
  10. by   Opto
    I think that there is a new procedure with the CGFNS now, can that be? I just do not want to take twice the same sort of exam. Where can you take the NCLEX exam outside the US? And sorry, I cannot answer your PM as I do not have enough posts to PM yet. Thanks though.
  11. by   Gem1210390
    I don't know what new procedure you are talking about. If it is the cgfns exam this used to be a requirement but it is not anymore. For Test centres near you to take the nclex outside of the Usa Have a look on Pearson vue nclex test centres and you should be able to search for local centres.

    You just need to search for Pearson vue nclex and there should be a section on the right saying locate test centre. I think for you it would be London
  12. by   Opto
    Great thanks!
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    If you are looking at NY then you have to go through CVS which CGFNS do and basically means you are paying them to get all your documents that the NY BON require for them to make a decision to whether you meet their requirements. Until you get that decision you can not apply to sit the NCLEX as a ATT is required and that will not be issued until the state BON says it is OK
  14. by   steppybay
    Quote from Opto
    Hello, Is it possible to skip the CGFNS exam and only do the NCLEX? I guess I will have to ask them directly. Hospitals are closing? May I ask why?
    With regards to NY hospitals closing, you can read of some of them in the NY nursing threads.

    While there are some states that allows to take the NCLEX-RN without a SS#, the license itself will not be issued till you provide them with one.

    Do you have a BSN degree? Just know that many European college courses may not meet the many US state's educational requirements and require that you take up any deficient ones either in your country or in the States (not always an easy find and can be $$$).

    Do you have some year's of paid nursing experience as that may help in future job searches, but know it's not any sort of guarantee with the tough job market with the local nurses, who are also finding it hard to get in for both new grads and experienced ones.

    I would ask your nursing board there of other successful ones that have recently made it to the states and maybe already working.
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