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Thoughts about this offer?

  1. 0 Inpatient with 14 shifts per month. $2500 CME with 5 days off. Paid time off that accrues to approximately 24 days per year. Annual quality bonus up to 3% of salary. 2 weekends every month. $80,000.
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    Where are you located? Big city, rural? How many pts do you have to see per shift? Type of pts?
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    On the surface, that sounds dismal. The salary is pitiful and the bonus is missing a digit. The rest is simply standard (well, the vacation is slightly generous, I only got 20 days plus 8 paid holidays and my birthday, not 24). The answers to the questions posed by trauma could sway me, except, that 2 weekends a month simply sucks and my kids would have to be starving and losing weight for me to swallow that bitter pill.
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    Southern mountains, where salaries are notoriously low but the cost of living is NOT.
    The paid time off is for whatever - vacation, holidays, sick days, etc.
    Capped at 16 patients per day, which includes new consults and rounding on existing patients.
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    Agree with Blue Devil. The 2 weekends a month would kill it for me. are able to string together 4-5 days off in a row every month so you don't have to use your PTO. One of my friends works a 7 on 7 off schedule and rarely uses vacation time. When he does, it works out that he has 3 weeks off in a row while only using 7 days PTO. That's not so bad, if you can get it. Is that salary in line with other jobs in your area?
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    I've been an in-patient NP all of my NP career. I've preferred being hired directly by the hospital because I find the benefits more generous. If I am to work weekends, holidays, and off shifts, I'd rather get differential pay for it. I'd rather be eligible for a pension in addition to Tax Sheltered Annuity such as 403B. I'd rather have good health insurance that I don't have to pay for either. I actually also prefer the 12-hour shifts which really ends up being 12 days a month. I can't comment on the pay, I live in a high cost of living area and that pay is not good here. Having said that, OP, if that's the only option you have and you're ready for a change and feel that this is a good fit for your lifestyle and interest, I would consider it.