sticky situation and need help!!!

  1. well this is my situation. i am a new grad FNP got my final cert to practice in August but graduated in may. So i have been looking for a job and just haven't found one that was right for me. So in the meantime i have been working at the hospital as a Float RN. My predicament is my husband is going back to AL(we are in MD) to go back to school for a semester to finish up his BA and i really want to go w/ him he will be gone dec to may. Since he has decided this I was looking into travel RN jobs in AL and found some but I have also been offered a part time (2 days a week) NP position here in MD at the place I did my residency which i really like and feel i would get the proper mentoring there but I would still work the weekends at the hospital as a RN until this job as a NP became full time(which is a possibility). So I am in a pickle, do i go to AL where all my family is and my husband and work as a RN for 6 more months or do I take the NP job(part time to hopefully full time) and still work as a RN at the hospital here in MD. I have always lead w/ my head in all situations but this time I would love to lead w/ my heart and go to be w/ my husband and my family but I am so unsure that if I dont take a NP job soon that it will look bad that I waited for a year after graduating to get a job as a NP.
    Also, financially both options are about the same so that is really not a factor although we do have a house on the market in MD that I would have to leave and have someone look after q monthly. FYI we eventually want to move down to AL once we sell our house ....HELP!!!
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  3. by   ParalyzeDragon
    If you are eventurally gonna leave AL then dont bother. You are the only one who can make this decision. Talk to your husband and decide together what is most important in the long run.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Agree that since your ultimate goal is to move to AL, I would say go for it now and start looking for NP jobs. You can always contract out having someone look after your house while it is on the market. Good luck.