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    HI I am starting NP school in 2 weeks and I am looking to upgrade my stethoscope to an NP quality stethoscope. I was wondering what make & model other NPs in current practice use? THANKS!

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    Littmann cardiology III is a great scope.

    Definitely don't buy an electronic scope. They really aren't very good. The normal scopes have better quality sound.
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    I use a Littmann 3000 electronic.
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    Has anyone used an Ultra scope I have heard they are of very good quality?
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    I use a Littmann Master Cardiology.
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    ditto Wowza, I luv mine, littman cardz III...worth every penny

    lub, dub, lub, dub, lub, dub...
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    Just received my ultrascope and it is wonderful. I love my Littmann also but I do have to say I hear better with the ultrascope.

    I had my husband test both to and he also said he could hear better with the ultrascope.
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    Love my Master having a microphone compared to my old 13 year
    Cardiology II.

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