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  1. Hello,
    I work on call one weekend a month, for a practice serving patients in homes and assisted living facilities. The time is 6pm Friday to 830am on Monday morning. I do not go to see patients but only work the phones. Pay for being on call is $200. for the weekend. I make some important decisions, such as giving advice post seizure, calling in a script for suspected pneumonia, advise post fall etc. I have gotten anywhere from 4 to 15 calls on a weekend. My question is-what is a reasonable rate for on call pay?
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  3. by   WanderingSagehen
    I don't know what a reasonable rate is but I have to call NP's and some are wonderful, some are rude. Take the job knowing we could call a lot more than we do and that yes you are getting paid to stay home. We call because we either need your guidance or we are in a situation where it is just protocol. Do it with a smile!
  4. by   Bruce_Wayne
    $200 dollars seems reasonable to me because if each call takes about 5 minutes give or take, even when you're taking 15 calls that's still $160/hr. Plus I think you have to consider more than just how much you're getting paid to be on call, like are you happy with your base pay, benefits, work environment etc? You have to look at the whole picture and decide if you're satisfied with where you're at. Plus if it's only on-the-phone like you said, that sounds like something that you can do from almost anywhere. Just don't go to any theaters or hunting out in the middle of the woods on your call days.

    Also I guess you don't get paid a fee for each consult?
  5. by   mammac5
    The going rate for telephone call responsibility (we don't go in to see patients, but answer after-hours calls from RNs) is $3 hour where I live.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    250 per weekend of telephone call.