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Hi! I'm considering becoming an NP and was wondering if it's customary for NPs to be on call. I've tried looking all over the internet and can't find a definitive answer. Thanks so much!... Read More

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    Hmmmm. We don't exchange like that. We exchange call for call. Call is potluck, sometimes no calls, sometimes 30. Seeing ts you are guaranteed a full day.
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    I take ER call one day per week at the hospital.
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    I agree with TraumaRUs. I would have no way to determine and equivalent workday to X days/nights of taking call. Sometimes I get no calls, sometimes I get slammed with calls. If one of us wants to trade work days, we trade work days. If we want to trade taking call, we trade taking call.
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    I have first call every 6th weekend. It really isn't too bad. Nerve wracking at times though
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    I'm on call one week out of 5. It's phone consultation only, and I usually only get 3-4 calls per week.
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    It would be a lot more nerve wracking for me if I couldn't access the EMR from home. At least I can see what meds the person is on, what problems they have etc.
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    Yes indeed the EMR at home is a lifesaver.
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    Our primary clinic is looking to transition NP/PA to start taking call but also to incorporate specialty clinics to cover call;
    I am in endocrine so the thought would be to cover patient AND hospital/ER call (DKA patients) 1 week/month.
    My issue is compensation. When asked if there would be additional compensation for taking call, of course they looked at me like I was asking for something unusual.
    When I was hired, the job consisted of M-F 9-5. I know health care is dynamic and ever-changing but what is everyone's experience with this??
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    Don't. Get. Me. Started. At every single job I interviewed for, I was expected to take call "as part of the job". And it didn't matter if the pay was salary or hourly! Mind you, I do not cover hospital call, as our practice is a primary care office without a hospital practice. I told my husband that in my next job, I will either (a) not take call, or (b) be compensated for call, or (c) be paid so much I won't mind taking call! I don't know where this trend started, but it's beyond annoying. Sure the physicians take call, too, but they make a lot more money.
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    I work in psychiatry and the call issue always seems to come up. I am curious how others have negotiated this? Because I am not salaried anywhere that I work, I am always compensated additionally for call. At Facility A, I am paid a set rate ($200) per week of call and then paid an additional amount ($25) for each call that I take. At Facility B, I am paid a lump sum ($400) for the weekend to take call, no matter the volume of calls, it is the same pay. At Facility C, I am paid one lump sum ($2500) for a 14 day period of call (24/7 for 14 days). I am currently in negotiations with another inpatient facility and they are looking for Monday-Thursday night time phone call and I am not sure how to negotiate this or what would be fair compensation for all involved. None of these call arrangements require that I go in and see a patient. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on how to negotiate the weeknight call?