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  1. I am extremely interested in becoming a NP after graduating from my RN-BSN program. I would like to know what type of skills NP's are allowed to do. ( e.g. Stitching?)

    Thanks to all that reply!
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  3. by   hcmanp
    As many answers to this as there are state laws and specialties.
    NPs, in Missouri anyway, can perform procedures for which they have documented training, but since they work in collaborative practice, if the collaborating physician lacks these skills, it is inadvisable legally to perform such procedures.
    So pick your practice state and physician accordingly! I don't know what happens in states without collaborative agreement requirements.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I live in Illinois and I'm finishing a Clinical Nurse Specialist and like above poster, it depends on my collaborating physician's discretion and my abilities. All advanced practice skills however, require evidence of formal training and supervised experience.
  5. by   sirI
    I, too, am in a state requiring collaborative agreement. The skills are varied. Yes, I suture minor lacs. As traumaRus said, you must show verification of the level of skills within the agreement, if your state requires one. On highly skilled services, I must complete continuing education to maintain the privilege of using the skill/s. Check on this within your state.
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