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Now I finally get why nursing experience can prove invaluable in NP school, yet actually means nothing. It appears that nursing experience gives a valuable base from which to relate but does... Read More

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    Mindlor, I gather that you have not graduated from nursing school yet, and you already seem so angry.
    Just sayin
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    You dont know me do you? I was in the direct entry program at Columbia University.

    I had to withdraw secondary to cancer. I know what I am talking about.

    I will be taking NCLEX RN in a few weeks and then reapplying to RN-MSN programs to pick up where I left off. I am angry but only because ignorant people tend to pop off without knowing what in the h e double hockysticks they are talking about....

    As I said previously, the nurse leaders, those who sit in the ivory tower and write those little ANA books, those who man the NLN, this thing was their idea, not mine.....

    Use google, call the FNP dean at Columbia, if she has a few minutes she will enlighten you.....
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    Here, I did the work for you.

    Call her.

    Faculty Profile: Elizabeth K Hall, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC, GNP-BC
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    Quote from bsnanat2
    Now I finally get why nursing experience can prove invaluable in NP school, yet actually means nothing. It appears that nursing experience gives a valuable base from which to relate but does absolutely nothing for helping one think through a disease process as a provider. I may be simply stating the obvious, but I am amazed at how different the two roles are. I am be no means an old pro, but some conditions I can take care of in my sleep - as a nurse. As a potential provider though, even a simple cold is not so simple. It is amazing how a myriad of disease processes and conditions can present with mostly the same symptoms, only differentiated by some seemingly obscure item in their history. I can see how some are making a mistake in pursuing a NP degree though. Listening to them, what they really want is to further their bedside nursing career. A degree as a NP CHANGES your career, not furthers it. The confusion manifests itself in the struggle to move away from the bedside nursing thinking process, to that of a provider. We all have that struggle, but some seem to not realize that their struggle is not with the material, but the role itself. All that being said, I love NP school. I can see one why, generally, a couple of year's experience nursing is good but also why decades of experience is not necessary. It truly does come down to the individual.
    This is a great post. Thanks for the eloquent perspective.
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    Here I did some more work for you.

    Ever hear of Vanderbilt University?

    RN-MSN Entry | Master of Science in Nursing | Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
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    Shall I continue?

    How many top flight schools do I need to link?
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    Quote from zenman
    I don't think PA school is very easy as it's full time difficult program.


    From what I've been's very, very difficult.

    The PA mantra is, "75% of med school in 50% of the time."
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    Hear is one more....

    Ever hear of Yale University?

    Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing | Yale School of Nursing
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    Just FYI, the direct entry NP program at Vanderbilt requires a BSN, not sure about the others...and their Neonatal NP program requires 2 yrs experiance, not sure about the other NP programs that they offer there.

    I have been trying to do research on which school I want to attend, but I am coming to realize I have to call and actually talk to someone in order to get all the details
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    Moral of the story,

    THOUSANDS of NP's graduate every year and the ONLY bedside nursing experience many have is what they get in clinicals via their schooling.

    Thats the way it is.

    (they do very well bTW, with 6 figures to start being common, dependent upon geographic location.)

    I am going to shut up now because anyone who still does not get it, is not going too get it and I have no more energy to direct toward this endeavor......

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