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"Patients cared for by physicians in their first year as hospitalists have worse 30-day and hospital mortality when compared with more experienced hospitalists. Hospitalists very early in their... Read More

  1. by   twinsmom788
    Quote from juan de la cruz
    It's an interesting study. I've worked in various types of hospitals as a nurse and ACNP and there's certainly a degree of variation in the care hospitalist's bring in terms of knoweldge base and skills. I never saw the length of years as a hospitalist as a factor. In my unscientific/anecdotal assessment, I find those who did residencies in less selective programs and some IMG's being less competent. This is a distinction that wasn't illuminated in the study and is probably hard to to research in the first place.

    The article was right to point out that the transition phase from resident to new hospitalist needs to be investigated further to see what factors contributed to the results. It's hard to analyze the study as it relates to NP's who work as hospitalists as we practice in a range of models from close collaboration to supervision to full independence. Mentorship is always a good thing no matter what, but the quality of the mentorship experience will make a big difference.
    I totally agree with your comments. Interesting topic.