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Sorry, this is my first post so let me know if I did anything wrong! Basically I don't know if I should look for a new job or continue working at my current office. I am in my early 30s and I work... Read More

  1. by   LadysSolo
    Depends on where you are, in the Midwest (where I am) I have 12 years' experience as an NP and just last year got a raise to $85,000/year. We get 4 weeks vacation and 1/2 credit for insurance (medical/dental.) But we are also on call 24/7/365 unless we leave the country, then someone else takes your call. Yes it sucks, but to make more money I would either have to move or drive 2 hours one way. I love my home and it's nearly paid off, so I deal with it. No job is perfect (so I tell my students -I also teach part-time,) you just decide what you are willing to put up with.
  2. by   futurenp89
    Np's need to stop accepting kibbles and bits. Know your worth and know the business of healthcare. This would never happen with any other provider.
  3. by   Mqnurse13
    Hi! I have also worked office and hospital. Office no vacation time was offered, but I could take time off unpaid. Can you do that? Because hospital or clinic pay will be substantially less money and I think that is your better option. Also most nursing jobs are very stressful, very difficult and burnout is common. I would talk with the doctor about taking unpaid vacations, you will still be in a better position than switching to nursing home or hospital. Working in most nursing positions you are short staffed often, much lower pay, Yes most give a month vacation a year to start at least here in Atlanta but Pay is typically 25-32 hour here as well as Ohio where I worked before. New Jersey pay is 40 a hour, much better. If you like the work and your peers and its rewarding I'm sure they would rather keep you and offer some kind of compromise. Communication is always best option first. If you have time off you could try PRN some place first just to get idea of what your in for someplace else before quitting. But I'm only a Rn. Still some good ideas for you to consider.
  4. by   kevler
    I was in a very similar situation. I just turned 29 and 5 years in the game
    I worked in a small community Cath lab so it was Monday to Friday, no on call.
    I wanted to learn more and get experience with STEMi program, congenital, heart structure and pacemaker lab inserstion. So I made the change to a bigger city Cath lab, which had all the resources available. This other Cath lab also had on call. This other Cath lab also has low turn over people tend to stay long.
    The work is great, but at this time in my career procedures were getting very routine it could like an assembly line. I took the critical care course with my friend just to give me more confidence with STEMI call. I ended up enjoying critical care it was a nice change of pace. I ended up getting a job in cardiac ICU and loving it.
    People always ask if I missed the Monday -Friday, cleaner job
    Sometimes you just need somethng new.
    Your 30, were still early in this game nursing is great cause is has so many fields to offer. You will find area you love then areas you hate (I recall the ward was stressful for you, which it is with the nurse patient ratio). Try exploring the career a bit more. Is getting a casual job some where an option. Just to get a new prespective?
  5. by   feelix
    If you are an APRN making 80000 in a specialty, you are getting shafted. They have no business placing value on your work based on your family situation. Try and find out what other providers in your specialty are doing and be on the lookout for better opportunity. If your state allows, go in for business yourself.
  6. by   gypsyreese
    First of all, are you in NP or an RN? That makes a big difference right there. If you are an RN, I would say that in my opinion you are sitting pretty and I wouldn't go looking for something else. Trade you in a heartbeat. But that's just me. If you are an NP, I can't speak in that area because I'm an RN. But I know what you were saying about working in a specialty. I pretty much came right out of school & two months later I was working in a specialty. I just recently transferred out of that specialty and still question myself from time to time when it comes to stuff not in that arena.
  7. by   PetuniaDaffodil
    Sorry if this was unclear but I'm a family nurse practitioner.
  8. by   nursegj
    One of the great things about nursing is its diversity of practice. Although you may feel "lost" in another specialty, sometimes its worth looking at nursing from another aspect. Re-training is always an option. It sounds like time off is more important than money to you. I would suggest looking into academia or school nursing which both give you the entire summer off. The pay is not great but may fit more with your desired lifestyle.
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  9. by   Thorp71
    This is close to what I get though I got a better deal when I started in family practice and we get a yearly increase with productivity plus three weeks vacation and sick time which increases as our time accrues with the clinic. If we travel we get paid comp time and travel too. You should negotiate.
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  10. by   PetuniaDaffodil
    I've applied to a few jobs but haven't heard back. Turns out every job in my area requires someone bilingual.
  11. by   TicTok411
    We all place importance on different aspects of our jobs. Low stress sounds great and a good working environment. You could go somewhere else and make more with more vacation but you may see double the patients and have weekends or be on call. The 10 days vacation is very low... Still i think it is a good idea to look around and take a few interviews just to keep abreast of what is out there..