Newly single :-) where to go in the US for a new and better NP job?? - page 2

I'm newly single and a very freshly minted FNP! My fiancé is leaving me in 2 weeks, I'm a very recent FNP grad, I'm 50 (old), retired military with benefits, I can move anywhere in the world, where... Read More

  1. by   travelNP
    1. If I were you I would work in locum tenens so you can travel to different parts of the country and work in various clinical settings, since you aren't tied down anywhere in particular.

    2. If you are looking for the perm route I would definitely choose Washington state (not VA though) as the pay is pretty good and they have full practice authority for NP's. They also have tons of jobs available. I have some connections in WA so let me know.
  2. by   RN4KU
    Hope you are doing well and having a great time in your new adventures. I would love to be free and go anywhere!! JK i love my child and hubby. Anyways I do get these random emails about Jobs in Dubai at this private funded hospital they are heavily recruiting in the US I always kick around calling about the job just to check it out. The owners are tying to create the best medical care in the world. I know a teacher from the US that teaches near Dubai and loves it!